Rauj and Shital had affairs for 3 years. But they didn't marry. Because Raju was already married. One day Raju killed his wife and married with Shital.

Sarita and Nabin loved each other for 4 years. Everyone in the college know about them. However, Rabi wished to marry with Sarita. Because Sarita was too beautiful. Sarita also agreed with Rabi. Because Ravi was much richer than Nabin. So they got married.

These two imaginary events are the representative events of several cases in the society. I have questions for both Shital and Ravi.
1. Shital, can you trust a man who kills own wife for another?
2, Ravi, are you sure that your wife won't leave you for another if she deceived someone for you?

All of us know the answers. Neither Shital nor Ravi believe their partners. Then why did they accept deceivers for their life? How can they live their life with them? How will they manage relationship, trust and love? And lastly, but not least, why lovers accept deceivers?

Let me explain the answer. Every relation has 6 levels:
Level 1----- Deepest
Level 2----- Deeper
Level 3----- Deep
Level 4----- Light
Level 5----- Lighter
Level 6----- Lightest

A true relation stands either in level 1 or 2 or at least 3 whereas a false relation is made in level 4, 5 or 6. Level 6 is worst foundation of relation which can be broken any time. Level 4, 5 and 6 stands in the selfishness of the people.

So those lovers accept deceivers but for their own self. They don't believe their partners and don't expect honesty by them. They can deceive each other any time when they find better opportunity. So such relation is worse than no relation.
Discovered by +Sujan Kshetry