One of my friends suddenly asked me a question while we were discussing about Lord Krishna, ''Why is Krishna worshiped as a God? What is the proof that he is God?'' Perhaps he wanted to be sure about it. I also without delay said, ''Gita. You know Krishna preached Gita. Gita is outstanding. Is there anyone in the world who can logically cut the any of the verses of Krishna in Gita? Gita is the proof that Krishna is God. Because only God can create such brilliant words.'' My friend was moving his head in approval as I was speaking these words. He had no word to deny my opinion.

Gita alone is not the proof of Krishna's Godhood. There are thousands of proofs standing out by shouting that Krishna is supreme God. It is not possible to mention everything here. However, I have listed some of them to satisfy one's query:

{i} Mahabharata War
Everyone knows Mahabharata war was triggered by Krishna. The war was about to be prevented. But the clever Krishna played tricky game with Pandava and Kaurava and indirectly obliged them to fight in Kurukshetra. If he wished, the war could have been escaped. But he played leading role to start war. Because he had come to this world to save good and finish evil. And the Mahabharata war was part and parcel of his mission. After this war the heads of devils were ruined forever and the truth governed the earth for years.

{ii} Victory of Pandava
Pandava were only 5 but the Kaurava were 100 in numbers. However, Pandava won the war. Why? Because Krishna sided Pandava. This is the lesson to us that truth always overcomes false. Because God supports truth.

{iii} Contemporary Society
Krishna never told himself a God. Neither did he try to prove it. But the contemporary society believed that he was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The society in that time were of two types, i.e., Good Society and Bad Society. The bad people always dominated Krishna by saying him a shepherd, thief, hypnotist, etc. But the good people always worshiped him as a God. Arjuna, Dorpadi, Akrura, Bhishma Pitamah, etc are some of them.

{iv} Miracles of Krishna
All of you know about the miracles performed by Krishna in his life. Assassination of Putana, fight with Kaliya Naag, Lifting Govardhan Parvat, assassination of Kansa, etc are not coincidence. A miner person can not deserve such powers. Krishna had such power because he was God.

{v} Social Welfare
Krishna dedicated his whole life for others. He didn't live for himself. Life was a mission for him. He ended one mission and started another. In this way Krishna lived just for social well being even though he got betrayal and problems by others in returns. Can such personality be a miner human?

Finally, I think you don't need any more proofs to accept Krishna as a God. If you are still confused, you are not the true devotee of lord Krishna. Because a true devotee of Krishna does not need any proof to accept him as a God.
Discovered by +Don Prince