Western science still suspects power of subconscious mind. However, it is really funny to say that miracles of subconscious mind are detected more in western countries than eastern. I personally believe on power of subconscious mind.

I am writing this article not to write what the rules of subconscious mind are. Because these rules are already scattered all over the internet. Interestingly, I am writing those rules of subconscious mind which are still undiscovered by psychological scientists.

Now no more stories. Let's begin the new journey. The newly discovered rules of subconscious mind are as follows:

{i} Powers of subconscious minds aren't similar
It can be well explained with the example of force of two person. As the physical power of two persons may be different, the subconscious power of two persons are also not similar. One can do miracles with subconscious mind doesn't mean that the another also can do the same. Each person has different subconscious mind and they have different capacity.

{ii} The power of subconscious mind is constant
The power of subconscious mind can't increase or decrease. It is constant by nature. It is similar to the singing voice of a singer. The voice of a singer is God gift. He can sing even with no practice. But if a singer has a bad voice, he can't have good voice how long he practices. Subconscious mind is also like this. If a man has powerful mind, he can do miracles with a little effort. But if he has less powerful mind his practice can bring only a bit change. But bear it in mind that this rule has some exceptions too.

{iii} Subconscious mind also filters the suggestions
Almost all scientists, psychologists, hypnotists and doctors mistakenly think that if any suggestion is sent to subconscious mind by bypassing the conscious mind to prevent filtration, the suggestion will be successfully accepted by the subconscious mind. But it is not true. In fact, subconscious mind also filters the suggestion like conscious mind. If the suggestion is against the norms and values of subconscious mind, it is directly rejected by the subconscious mind.

{iv} Subconscious mind is always positive
As human blood is always negative unless it is affected by external disease like HIV, our subconscious mind is always positive by nature. It means a subconscious mind is never bad or evil. It is always good till it is tricked by external force. This is the reason, if you think bad, your subconscious mind reminds you whether that is bad and you shouldn't do that.

The rules of subconscious mind is not limited. Scientists say that our mind is the most amazing thing of the universe which is still a secret. Many scientists are still researching on it. We are walking in the same path to discover more about subconscious mind.
Discovered by +Don Prince