27 years ago father Hira Bahadur and mother Sita Timalsina gave birth to Suresh Timalsina in Sadaktol-5, Nijgadh of Nepal. Suresh was a normal child in his childhood. But as he grew up, he didn't speak. Neither did he have any feelings and emotion. However he was physically fit.

Now he recognizes relatives and villagers. He knows his house. He plays trick if he is to snatch something with others. He keeps one repeated habit going on. After leaving one habit, he starts another.

Mr. Hira Bahadur tried his best to cure Suresh. He tried from spiritual Gurus to top medical doctors. But result was zero. He tells that he can do anything if his son can be cured. Let's hope something magic happens with Suresh Timalsina.
Discovered by +Sharmila Bhattarai