Nepal is a world in itself. It is the home for not only diversified people but also for rare animals, birds and insects of the world. There are many animals and birds in Nepal which are found only in Nepal. Some of them did not have even their names. Because they still lack research. According to 'Nawa Yuwa' magazine there are 35 protected animals and birds in Nepal which are protected by law of Nepal. See the full list below:
Animals and Birds                                                          
Wild Water Buffalo                                                  
Gaur bison                                                                                   
Wild Yak                                                                                    
Great Tibetan Sheep                                                                
Tebetan Antelope                                                                          
Four-horned Antelope                                                                  
Musk Deer                                                                                  
Spotted Lingsang                                                                          
Red Panda                                                                                  
Assamese Monkey                                                                     
Hispid Hare                                                                           
Pygmy Hog                                                                                 
Black Duck                                                                                  
Striped Hyaena                                                                           
Grey Wolf                                                                                   
Swamp Deer                                                                      
Clouded Leopard                                                                  
Leopard Cat                                                                  
Snow Leopard                                                                
Wild Elephant                                                             
Brown Bear                                                             
One-horned Rhinoceros                                        
Gangetic Dolphin                                                   
Black stork                                                      
White stork                                                         
Sarus crane                                                        
Cheer Pheasant                                                     
Impeyan pheasant                                                  
Crimson-horned pheasant                                     
Bengal florican                                                     
Lesser florican                                                  
Great peid hornbill
Discovered by +Don Prince