We talk everyday. Sometimes we talk long and long regardless whatever people are feeling after listening our talks. But it is a good thing if we know how people are reacting our conversation. After reading this article, you will be able to know how people are reacting you while you are talking with them. Notice the following activities of people whom you are talking with:
1. Yawning: If they are yawning, your conversation is irrelevant which has no any sense. They are not agree with you.
2. Sudden Movement of the Body: If they are moving their body suddenly after listening your matter, they are quite impressed by you.
3. Trying to Change the Topic: They are feeling bored with your explanation and speech.
4. No Reply: You are talking alone. They are quiet. It means they are not interested to talk on the matter.
5. Bowing Down: They did not like your matter.
6. Moving Head Sidewise: They hate what you are talking. You are against their belief and opinion.
7. Smiling: If they are smiling and listening you continuously, they liked your matter. They are blindly supporting you regardless you are right or wrong.
8. Leaving the Spot: If they left you in the middle of talking on any pretext, they did not like your conversation at all and they did not want to listen any more.
9. Sudden Changes in Mood: They are hurt by you. They felt humiliation. You are speaking against their belief and esteem.
10. Coughing: They did not believe you. They are making a fun of your conversation.

The ideas and analysis above are not accurate and similar in all situations and cases. You have to use your own psychology to understand how people are reacting you. However, the information above are the big pillars to enhance your psychic power to read the mind of the people correctly.
Discovered by +Don Prince