I like Hollywood movies very much. I like them for two reasons, i.e., {i} Different story {ii} Scientific and reality based. Yes, majority of the fictions in Hollywood are somehow reality based and scientific. The Final Destination is one of them which is scientific, psychological and real in spite of standing on a fully imaginary story and spot.

All the series of Final Destination have covered same theme. The characters see the future's events before they happen. In some parts of the movies, they know them by analyzing the hints given by unknown source. Such amazing story has given magnetic attraction to the movie. And how would you react if I tell you such type of story can be real in our life too?

If you attempt, you can also know the good or bad events of your life before they happen. The interesting thing is that after knowing them, you can change or prevent the bad events and situations of your life. Similarly, you can happily welcome the events if you find them good. But how? You can do it exactly how the characters mentioned in the above movie had done. And you shouldn't necessarily watch the movies to learn it.

Actually our sub conscious mind first knows those events. Then it tries to inform or warn us about the events. It can't directly interact with us {our conscious mind}. So it may come to us through our feelings or dream. It may also give us hints in our life's situations. The only thing we have to do is to understand its signal.

There are many people with such psychic power in this world. Are you one of them? Or do you know someone with such quality? If yes, do not forget to reveal the truth through the comment in this post.
Discovered by +Don Prince