Telekinesis also known as Psychokinesis is the science of moving the objects with power of mind. According to an article of Wikipedia, it was coined in 1890 by a Russian researcher. Though official science has rejected the existence of telekinesis, many people in the world have challenged the modern science by showing their telekinesis power. In fact, telekinesis itself is a science.

Do you know we are using the power of telekinesis in our daily life without knowing about it. If you analyze the events of life, you can find several events of natural telekinesis in the situations of your real life. I have collected three events in this article. See below.

{i} Sometimes some people curse others to face accident and the accident happens.
{ii} Sometimes we like some thing. But we can't buy it. Someone will give us the same thing in the another day.
{iii} Sometimes we want to close the window or door{see how I closed the door with telekinesis} and someone will close it without our command.

Telekinesis or Psychokinesis is still a controversial science. Some scientists say that research should not be done on it. But I personally believe that telekinesis is existed and research should be done on it. Do you know someone who possesses telekinesis power? Do you have such quality? Begin your story with a comment.
Discovered by +Don Prince