''Is it  possible to go back to our past?'' If I asked you this question, I think your answer is ''No, it is impossible.'' But I don't agree with you if so. Because I believe that nothing is impossible in this world. If we can make aeroplane, why can't we make a machine which can take us in past? If we can reach moon, why can't we go back to our past?

All of you have traveled through a bus. If you begin your journey from A and you passed B, C and arrived D, is it possible to go back to A through the same bus? Obviously, it is possible and we have to take help of back gear for that. Similarly, if we manage to make the back gear of time, we can easily reach to our past.

A question may arise in your mind. How can we make such type of gear? As I already told in my previous articles about Stephen Hawking's time machine and my personal opinion on time machine, our physical body can't reach to past or future. But we can reach there through our mind. It means our mind will travel our time vehicle to reach past and even future. But our body will still stay on the earth.

You know that our ancient scriptures are also the source of today's modern innovation and technology. You must have remembered God and religious Gurus closing their eyes whenever they have to know the events of past or future. This is the hint that our mind can lead us on the path of our past and future.
Discovered by +Don Prince