Do you believe on ghost? If you don't, what are the reasons? Some people say that if God exists, ghost also exists. Because ghost is mentioned in religious stories of almost all religions. And the story of ghost is popular everywhere in the world. Moreover, we hear several events of ghost in our own community. Sometimes our children are sick, they can't be cured by medicine. But they will be easily cured by a witchdoctor. Above all, you may think that ghost is existed on the earth. But I don't believe on the existence of ghost.

I have 5 reasons not to believe on ghost:
{1} Nobody has seen ghost. We don't have any reliable eyewitness who has been attacked by ghost.
{2} There are many psychological disorders that can cause a man to experience the existence of ghost in the surroundings.
{3} Ghost is seen specially at night and darkness. Because people can easily fall in illusion in the darkness. Ghost is also seen in villages than cities because people in the villages are uneducated and superstitious.
{4} There is no scientific proof of ghost. Official science has denied its existence. Intellectual people do not believe on it.
{5} Ghost does not attack in crowd. Because a man feels completely secured in crowd and he can't be psychologically confused there.

It is true that we find several people who claim that they have seen ghost. But we can't believe on them without proof. It is also true that some children are cured by witchdoctors but there is also the effect of psychology. And if you think that ghost is popular everywhere so you believe on it, is everything which is popular in the world is real? Obviously not. At last, if ghost is really written in the religious books, research should be done to extract what is right and what is wrong.
Discovered by +Don Prince