Hypnosis is the scientifically verified method which is used to alter conscious mind to establish certain beliefs into the subconscious mind without filtration. It is also used to give up some bad habits like drinking, smoking, etc. More interestingly it is used to cure many fatal diseases by doctors.

The merits of hypnosis is unexplainable. But it is somehow dangerous too. What dangers can hypnosis cause? See its some bad impacts below:
1. It can cause mental imbalance in subject. It is more dangerous if the hypnotist is careless and inexperienced.
2. Sometimes a miner health problem like headache may be the symptom of another dangerous disease. If the headache of the subject is cured through hypnosis, the actual disease will be ignored and finally the subject dies.
3. The uneducated society still believes in witchcraft, tantra and mantra. People may treat a hypnotist as a witch in the remote areas.
4. A learning hypnotist may loose temper very fast. His odd behavior can cause break ups in family.
5. Some people may be hypnotized by enemies for revenge.

Above all, hypnosis is a boon in medical science and psychology. But one should get the counseling by the certified hypnotist all the time if hypnosis is required.
Discovered by +Rita Timalsina