10 Amazing Events in World History

1. Farah in Egypt used to marry their own sisters.
2. Alexander had cried in the continuous victory of his father. Because he thought no state would remain in the world to win for him.
3. The name of the seven month 'July' was named after Julius Caesar.
4. Charles I was given capital sentence in 1649 A.D.
5 Louis XVI was only 20 years old when he ascended the throne in France.
6. It took 20 years for Karl Marx to write the book ''Das Capital''
7. Before unification Germany was divided into more than 300 states.
8. Before the publicity of English language, people from one state to another in India were not able to interact with each other.
9. The second world war was fought for 6 years 1 day.
10. 60 Million people died in the Second World War.
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