10 Amazing Events in World History

1. Farah in Egypt used to marry their own sisters.
2. Alexander had cried in the continuous victory of his father. Because he thought no state would remain in the world to win for him.
3. The name of the seven month 'July' was named after Julius Caesar.
4. Charles I was given capital sentence in 1649 A.D.
5 Louis XVI was only 20 years old when he ascended the throne in France.
6. It took 20 years for Karl Marx to write the book ''Das Capital''
7. Before unification Germany was divided into more than 300 states.
8. Before the publicity of English language, people from one state to another in India were not able to interact with each other.
9. The second world war was fought for 6 years 1 day.
10. 60 Million people died in the Second World War.
Discovered by +Don Prince

5 Reasons Why Ghost Can not Exist

Do you believe on ghost? If you don't, what are the reasons? Some people say that if God exists, ghost also exists. Because ghost is mentioned in religious stories of almost all religions. And the story of ghost is popular everywhere in the world. Moreover, we hear several events of ghost in our own community. Sometimes our children are sick, they can't be cured by medicine. But they will be easily cured by a witchdoctor. Above all, you may think that ghost is existed on the earth. But I don't believe on the existence of ghost.

I have 5 reasons not to believe on ghost:
{1} Nobody has seen ghost. We don't have any reliable eyewitness who has been attacked by ghost.
{2} There are many psychological disorders that can cause a man to experience the existence of ghost in the surroundings.
{3} Ghost is seen specially at night and darkness. Because people can easily fall in illusion in the darkness. Ghost is also seen in villages than cities because people in the villages are uneducated and superstitious.
{4} There is no scientific proof of ghost. Official science has denied its existence. Intellectual people do not believe on it.
{5} Ghost does not attack in crowd. Because a man feels completely secured in crowd and he can't be psychologically confused there.

It is true that we find several people who claim that they have seen ghost. But we can't believe on them without proof. It is also true that some children are cured by witchdoctors but there is also the effect of psychology. And if you think that ghost is popular everywhere so you believe on it, is everything which is popular in the world is real? Obviously not. At last, if ghost is really written in the religious books, research should be done to extract what is right and what is wrong.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Events of Natural Telekinesis

Telekinesis also known as Psychokinesis is the science of moving the objects with power of mind. According to an article of Wikipedia, it was coined in 1890 by a Russian researcher. Though official science has rejected the existence of telekinesis, many people in the world have challenged the modern science by showing their telekinesis power. In fact, telekinesis itself is a science.

Do you know we are using the power of telekinesis in our daily life without knowing about it. If you analyze the events of life, you can find several events of natural telekinesis in the situations of your real life. I have collected three events in this article. See below.

{i} Sometimes some people curse others to face accident and the accident happens.
{ii} Sometimes we like some thing. But we can't buy it. Someone will give us the same thing in the another day.
{iii} Sometimes we want to close the window or door{see how I closed the door with telekinesis} and someone will close it without our command.

Telekinesis or Psychokinesis is still a controversial science. Some scientists say that research should not be done on it. But I personally believe that telekinesis is existed and research should be done on it. Do you know someone who possesses telekinesis power? Do you have such quality? Begin your story with a comment.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Can We Go Back to Our Past?

''Is it  possible to go back to our past?'' If I asked you this question, I think your answer is ''No, it is impossible.'' But I don't agree with you if so. Because I believe that nothing is impossible in this world. If we can make aeroplane, why can't we make a machine which can take us in past? If we can reach moon, why can't we go back to our past?

All of you have traveled through a bus. If you begin your journey from A and you passed B, C and arrived D, is it possible to go back to A through the same bus? Obviously, it is possible and we have to take help of back gear for that. Similarly, if we manage to make the back gear of time, we can easily reach to our past.

A question may arise in your mind. How can we make such type of gear? As I already told in my previous articles about Stephen Hawking's time machine and my personal opinion on time machine, our physical body can't reach to past or future. But we can reach there through our mind. It means our mind will travel our time vehicle to reach past and even future. But our body will still stay on the earth.

You know that our ancient scriptures are also the source of today's modern innovation and technology. You must have remembered God and religious Gurus closing their eyes whenever they have to know the events of past or future. This is the hint that our mind can lead us on the path of our past and future.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why do People Suffer?

Every human must have asked a question in his life, ''Why do I suffer in my life?'' Some people ask even worse question, ''I haven't done any mistake in life. Then why did I suffer?'' Today I will say why people suffer in their life.

First of all, I want to say that I believe on God very much. So my explanation is also related to God. You know that God rewards if you do good. He also punishes if you do bad. There is a popular saying in the world, ''You will reap what you sow.'' But how can God keep records of all mistakes of all people of the universe? It is very impractical. So God made a rule. I call this rule as ''The Spiritual Law of Nature''. Due to ''Spiritual Law of Nature'' people are suffering in their life. Let me explain it in detail.

According to 'The Spiritual Law of Nature'', humans get same returns as they act out. It means if you do good today, you will see good day tomorrow. And if you do bad today, you will see bad day tomorrow. So if you are getting happiness today, it is the reward of your good work yesterday. Similarly if you are suffering today it is the returns of the bad work you did yesterday..
Discovered by +Don Prince

What is the Proof that Krishna is a God?

One of my friends suddenly asked me a question while we were discussing about Lord Krishna, ''Why is Krishna worshiped as a God? What is the proof that he is God?'' Perhaps he wanted to be sure about it. I also without delay said, ''Gita. You know Krishna preached Gita. Gita is outstanding. Is there anyone in the world who can logically cut the any of the verses of Krishna in Gita? Gita is the proof that Krishna is God. Because only God can create such brilliant words.'' My friend was moving his head in approval as I was speaking these words. He had no word to deny my opinion.

Gita alone is not the proof of Krishna's Godhood. There are thousands of proofs standing out by shouting that Krishna is supreme God. It is not possible to mention everything here. However, I have listed some of them to satisfy one's query:

{i} Mahabharata War
Everyone knows Mahabharata war was triggered by Krishna. The war was about to be prevented. But the clever Krishna played tricky game with Pandava and Kaurava and indirectly obliged them to fight in Kurukshetra. If he wished, the war could have been escaped. But he played leading role to start war. Because he had come to this world to save good and finish evil. And the Mahabharata war was part and parcel of his mission. After this war the heads of devils were ruined forever and the truth governed the earth for years.

{ii} Victory of Pandava
Pandava were only 5 but the Kaurava were 100 in numbers. However, Pandava won the war. Why? Because Krishna sided Pandava. This is the lesson to us that truth always overcomes false. Because God supports truth.

{iii} Contemporary Society
Krishna never told himself a God. Neither did he try to prove it. But the contemporary society believed that he was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The society in that time were of two types, i.e., Good Society and Bad Society. The bad people always dominated Krishna by saying him a shepherd, thief, hypnotist, etc. But the good people always worshiped him as a God. Arjuna, Dorpadi, Akrura, Bhishma Pitamah, etc are some of them.

{iv} Miracles of Krishna
All of you know about the miracles performed by Krishna in his life. Assassination of Putana, fight with Kaliya Naag, Lifting Govardhan Parvat, assassination of Kansa, etc are not coincidence. A miner person can not deserve such powers. Krishna had such power because he was God.

{v} Social Welfare
Krishna dedicated his whole life for others. He didn't live for himself. Life was a mission for him. He ended one mission and started another. In this way Krishna lived just for social well being even though he got betrayal and problems by others in returns. Can such personality be a miner human?

Finally, I think you don't need any more proofs to accept Krishna as a God. If you are still confused, you are not the true devotee of lord Krishna. Because a true devotee of Krishna does not need any proof to accept him as a God.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Undisclosed Rules of Subconscious Mind

Western science still suspects power of subconscious mind. However, it is really funny to say that miracles of subconscious mind are detected more in western countries than eastern. I personally believe on power of subconscious mind.

I am writing this article not to write what the rules of subconscious mind are. Because these rules are already scattered all over the internet. Interestingly, I am writing those rules of subconscious mind which are still undiscovered by psychological scientists.

Now no more stories. Let's begin the new journey. The newly discovered rules of subconscious mind are as follows:

{i} Powers of subconscious minds aren't similar
It can be well explained with the example of force of two person. As the physical power of two persons may be different, the subconscious power of two persons are also not similar. One can do miracles with subconscious mind doesn't mean that the another also can do the same. Each person has different subconscious mind and they have different capacity.

{ii} The power of subconscious mind is constant
The power of subconscious mind can't increase or decrease. It is constant by nature. It is similar to the singing voice of a singer. The voice of a singer is God gift. He can sing even with no practice. But if a singer has a bad voice, he can't have good voice how long he practices. Subconscious mind is also like this. If a man has powerful mind, he can do miracles with a little effort. But if he has less powerful mind his practice can bring only a bit change. But bear it in mind that this rule has some exceptions too.

{iii} Subconscious mind also filters the suggestions
Almost all scientists, psychologists, hypnotists and doctors mistakenly think that if any suggestion is sent to subconscious mind by bypassing the conscious mind to prevent filtration, the suggestion will be successfully accepted by the subconscious mind. But it is not true. In fact, subconscious mind also filters the suggestion like conscious mind. If the suggestion is against the norms and values of subconscious mind, it is directly rejected by the subconscious mind.

{iv} Subconscious mind is always positive
As human blood is always negative unless it is affected by external disease like HIV, our subconscious mind is always positive by nature. It means a subconscious mind is never bad or evil. It is always good till it is tricked by external force. This is the reason, if you think bad, your subconscious mind reminds you whether that is bad and you shouldn't do that.

The rules of subconscious mind is not limited. Scientists say that our mind is the most amazing thing of the universe which is still a secret. Many scientists are still researching on it. We are walking in the same path to discover more about subconscious mind.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why Lovers Accept Deceivers?

Rauj and Shital had affairs for 3 years. But they didn't marry. Because Raju was already married. One day Raju killed his wife and married with Shital.

Sarita and Nabin loved each other for 4 years. Everyone in the college know about them. However, Rabi wished to marry with Sarita. Because Sarita was too beautiful. Sarita also agreed with Rabi. Because Ravi was much richer than Nabin. So they got married.

These two imaginary events are the representative events of several cases in the society. I have questions for both Shital and Ravi.
1. Shital, can you trust a man who kills own wife for another?
2, Ravi, are you sure that your wife won't leave you for another if she deceived someone for you?

All of us know the answers. Neither Shital nor Ravi believe their partners. Then why did they accept deceivers for their life? How can they live their life with them? How will they manage relationship, trust and love? And lastly, but not least, why lovers accept deceivers?

Let me explain the answer. Every relation has 6 levels:
Level 1----- Deepest
Level 2----- Deeper
Level 3----- Deep
Level 4----- Light
Level 5----- Lighter
Level 6----- Lightest

A true relation stands either in level 1 or 2 or at least 3 whereas a false relation is made in level 4, 5 or 6. Level 6 is worst foundation of relation which can be broken any time. Level 4, 5 and 6 stands in the selfishness of the people.

So those lovers accept deceivers but for their own self. They don't believe their partners and don't expect honesty by them. They can deceive each other any time when they find better opportunity. So such relation is worse than no relation.
Discovered by +Sujan Kshetry

5 Dangers of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the scientifically verified method which is used to alter conscious mind to establish certain beliefs into the subconscious mind without filtration. It is also used to give up some bad habits like drinking, smoking, etc. More interestingly it is used to cure many fatal diseases by doctors.

The merits of hypnosis is unexplainable. But it is somehow dangerous too. What dangers can hypnosis cause? See its some bad impacts below:
1. It can cause mental imbalance in subject. It is more dangerous if the hypnotist is careless and inexperienced.
2. Sometimes a miner health problem like headache may be the symptom of another dangerous disease. If the headache of the subject is cured through hypnosis, the actual disease will be ignored and finally the subject dies.
3. The uneducated society still believes in witchcraft, tantra and mantra. People may treat a hypnotist as a witch in the remote areas.
4. A learning hypnotist may loose temper very fast. His odd behavior can cause break ups in family.
5. Some people may be hypnotized by enemies for revenge.

Above all, hypnosis is a boon in medical science and psychology. But one should get the counseling by the certified hypnotist all the time if hypnosis is required.
Discovered by +Rita Timalsina

Quiet for 27 Years

27 years ago father Hira Bahadur and mother Sita Timalsina gave birth to Suresh Timalsina in Sadaktol-5, Nijgadh of Nepal. Suresh was a normal child in his childhood. But as he grew up, he didn't speak. Neither did he have any feelings and emotion. However he was physically fit.

Now he recognizes relatives and villagers. He knows his house. He plays trick if he is to snatch something with others. He keeps one repeated habit going on. After leaving one habit, he starts another.

Mr. Hira Bahadur tried his best to cure Suresh. He tried from spiritual Gurus to top medical doctors. But result was zero. He tells that he can do anything if his son can be cured. Let's hope something magic happens with Suresh Timalsina.
Discovered by +Sharmila Bhattarai

Hidden Science in Final Destination

I like Hollywood movies very much. I like them for two reasons, i.e., {i} Different story {ii} Scientific and reality based. Yes, majority of the fictions in Hollywood are somehow reality based and scientific. The Final Destination is one of them which is scientific, psychological and real in spite of standing on a fully imaginary story and spot.

All the series of Final Destination have covered same theme. The characters see the future's events before they happen. In some parts of the movies, they know them by analyzing the hints given by unknown source. Such amazing story has given magnetic attraction to the movie. And how would you react if I tell you such type of story can be real in our life too?

If you attempt, you can also know the good or bad events of your life before they happen. The interesting thing is that after knowing them, you can change or prevent the bad events and situations of your life. Similarly, you can happily welcome the events if you find them good. But how? You can do it exactly how the characters mentioned in the above movie had done. And you shouldn't necessarily watch the movies to learn it.

Actually our sub conscious mind first knows those events. Then it tries to inform or warn us about the events. It can't directly interact with us {our conscious mind}. So it may come to us through our feelings or dream. It may also give us hints in our life's situations. The only thing we have to do is to understand its signal.

There are many people with such psychic power in this world. Are you one of them? Or do you know someone with such quality? If yes, do not forget to reveal the truth through the comment in this post.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why is Little Krishna Popular than Ram?

If you follow Hinduism, you must have worshiped otherwise seen the Little Krishna in photos or idols. Have you ever seen Little Ram like that? Of course, you have found so many photos and idols of grown up Ram. But you rarely find Ram's photo of childhood like Krishna. Why? Have you ever considered this question in your religious life? Today, I will tell all of you why Little Krishna is more popular than Little Ram.

First of all, I assume you that you know about a bit about ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. So you obviously know that both Ram and Krishna are the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The only difference is that Ram came first. After departure of Ram, Krishna came to this world. You don't wonder the story of Krishna is more popular than Ram. Yes, Ram and Ramayana also is not less popular. But the story of Krishna is so interesting and inspiring that people never feel tired of listening the pranks of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna is popular specially with the pranks he has performed in his childhood. Assassination of Putana, War with Kaliya Naag, event of lifting Gobardhan Parvat to save people, naughty behaviors with Gopinis, love with Goddess Radha, Assassination of Kansa, etc happened while he was a child. Except Mahabharata War and Preaching Geeta, he completed his almost all major missions in his childhood. This is the exact reason, the naughty child Krishna is depicted in idols to worship than the grown up Krishna.

Lord Ram also did so many pranks and duties in his childhood. But his actual mission was fulfilled when he grew up. Assassination of Ravan is one example. So the Big Ram is famous among us than the Little Ram. Now I hope you understand why naughty, childish Krishna is popular and the Big Ram is great.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Protected Animals and Birds of Nepal

Nepal is a world in itself. It is the home for not only diversified people but also for rare animals, birds and insects of the world. There are many animals and birds in Nepal which are found only in Nepal. Some of them did not have even their names. Because they still lack research. According to 'Nawa Yuwa' magazine there are 35 protected animals and birds in Nepal which are protected by law of Nepal. See the full list below:
Animals and Birds                                                          
Wild Water Buffalo                                                  
Gaur bison                                                                                   
Wild Yak                                                                                    
Great Tibetan Sheep                                                                
Tebetan Antelope                                                                          
Four-horned Antelope                                                                  
Musk Deer                                                                                  
Spotted Lingsang                                                                          
Red Panda                                                                                  
Assamese Monkey                                                                     
Hispid Hare                                                                           
Pygmy Hog                                                                                 
Black Duck                                                                                  
Striped Hyaena                                                                           
Grey Wolf                                                                                   
Swamp Deer                                                                      
Clouded Leopard                                                                  
Leopard Cat                                                                  
Snow Leopard                                                                
Wild Elephant                                                             
Brown Bear                                                             
One-horned Rhinoceros                                        
Gangetic Dolphin                                                   
Black stork                                                      
White stork                                                         
Sarus crane                                                        
Cheer Pheasant                                                     
Impeyan pheasant                                                  
Crimson-horned pheasant                                     
Bengal florican                                                     
Lesser florican                                                  
Great peid hornbill
Discovered by +Don Prince 

Know How are People Reacting

We talk everyday. Sometimes we talk long and long regardless whatever people are feeling after listening our talks. But it is a good thing if we know how people are reacting our conversation. After reading this article, you will be able to know how people are reacting you while you are talking with them. Notice the following activities of people whom you are talking with:
1. Yawning: If they are yawning, your conversation is irrelevant which has no any sense. They are not agree with you.
2. Sudden Movement of the Body: If they are moving their body suddenly after listening your matter, they are quite impressed by you.
3. Trying to Change the Topic: They are feeling bored with your explanation and speech.
4. No Reply: You are talking alone. They are quiet. It means they are not interested to talk on the matter.
5. Bowing Down: They did not like your matter.
6. Moving Head Sidewise: They hate what you are talking. You are against their belief and opinion.
7. Smiling: If they are smiling and listening you continuously, they liked your matter. They are blindly supporting you regardless you are right or wrong.
8. Leaving the Spot: If they left you in the middle of talking on any pretext, they did not like your conversation at all and they did not want to listen any more.
9. Sudden Changes in Mood: They are hurt by you. They felt humiliation. You are speaking against their belief and esteem.
10. Coughing: They did not believe you. They are making a fun of your conversation.

The ideas and analysis above are not accurate and similar in all situations and cases. You have to use your own psychology to understand how people are reacting you. However, the information above are the big pillars to enhance your psychic power to read the mind of the people correctly.
Discovered by +Don Prince