Do you watch violent and horror movies? Do you listen sad and sentimental songs? Do you spend your time by watching news of accidents and conflicts? Are you surrounded by fight and quarrel in the society? Are you loosing your temper all the time? Do you think about war, crime and terror? Caution!! Your mind is automatically programmed with anger, fear, sadness and violence.

Your mind is like a computer where the different softwares like anger, fear, sadness and violence are installed. These softwares run automatically whenever there is need which can be harmful for your life. It not only makes your mind dull, uncreative and unproductive but also brings a negative change in your behavior that can ruin your relationship, profession and business.

I am not saying you shouldn't be updated with the news around you. You can also watch horror and violent movies sometimes. So are the sad and sentimental songs. And obviously, some fears and angers are normal in your life. But sticking with those things all the time is beyond the wisdom. You had better watch movies about peace, love and fun. Attach with romantic songs. Always smile and make other laugh. Think good, see good, speak good and do good. You will definitely find your life happy, peaceful and prosperous.
Good Luck!!
Discovered by +Don Prince