Though it is my personal belief, I am going to tell you why I don't believe on Tantra and Mantra. I don't believe on them because of the following reasons:
1. If such kind of things had existed, the government would have trained its armies with most powerful mantras instead of expending huge amount of money in arms and weapons.
2. Thieves, robbers, murderers, kidnappers and smugglers would have learned them to make their task easier.
3. School, colleges and institution would have been established everywhere to teach people about them.
4. Scientists of all walks of science would have concentrated their mind on them to invent and discover any new invention and discovery.
5. There would not have been poverty, grief and other problems in the world.

This article has been created to arouse awareness among the people. If you still believe on the things like Tantra and Mantra, I offer a big salute to you and your foolishness. What is your opinion? Let's comment.
Discovered by +Don Prince