Hypnosis is scientifically verified method to send suggestions into one's subconscious mind by making his/her conscious mind off. It is also one of the techniques which can be applied to cure patients of several health problems. Besides, hypnosis is a good way to live a life because it can give an opportunity for self employment.

When a person learns hypnosis, he is called hypnotist. Now he can perform his skill on the stage where he will hypnotize his audience for their fun and entertainment. Mr. Ravi Bharma, a professional hypnotist from India says, ''I am living with hypnosis shows for years. It is my hobby too.''

Hypnosis is an strange experience for both hypnotist and subject. Mr. Raju Shrivastav says, ''I had been a part of a hypnosis show. It is a really a nice experience for me.'' Hypnotist charges a certain amount of money in the show which is the steady income source for him. Let's think how far can it solve unemployment problems of the country like Nepal?

Discovered by +Prem Darshan+Sujan Kshetry and +Sangeet Sangroula