Do Holy books make us mad? I was suddenly asked this question by someone. It was really a wise question. Have you ever thought on this question? Before answering this question, I want to present a case study to understand it in a better way. Let's read it first.

One of our neighbors became mad suddenly. People discussed on the causes of his madness. They concluded after the discussion that the man became mad because he read the holy book of his religion. Many of us have read our holy book. We are not mad. But what happened to him that made him go mad? Those people said that he had become mad because he had not completed the book. It means if one starts reading his  holy book, then he must read it completely. But why?

It is ridiculous belief that holy books make us mad if it is read incompletely. But we can't deny the fact that some people are being mad. There are two reasons behind it:
 1. He read the book so crazily that he was isolated from the real world.
 2. When he read half of the books that made him confused.

Holy books are the real sources to enhance logical power. So it is a good idea to learn them in both religious and intellectual point of views. But one should not read it crazily. He has to read it in certain intervals so that he is in contact of the physical world. And he must complete it so that he does not be confused about life, religion and philosophy.
Discovered by +Don Prince