Once upon a time people used to make pen friends through magazines. Today computer has changed the trend of people. Now people are online to search their life partners.

According to a survey done by a company in England, people under 25 years old fall in love online in less than one month whereas the couples over 55 take maximum two months. The survey also say that more men than women search love in social networking sites.

Technology is used not only for love but also for break ups. 36% people want to declare the decision of break ups through phone. 27% people use SMS whereas each one in 8 like to use social networking to declare their break ups.

In one hand  social networking sites have made the world too advanced, it is also impacting society negatively in the another hand. Blackmailing, divorce, fraud and kidnap are increasing. We can't stop the growth of these social networking sites. But if we are conscious and aware we can at least minimize the risk of caused by them.
Discovered by +Don Prince