12 years old Kumar Budhathoki who was born in Khotang of Nepal is only 5 kg by weight and the most amazing thing is that he is still surviving with milk. His parents Brish Bahadur and Shanta Kumari tried to feed him with crops but they did not succeed. According to Nagarik News, the child can't speak, stand and eat. He looks like a small baby and he is still on the bed.

The physical condition of Kumar was normal in the beginning stage. Later some problems occurred. But his parents couldn't take him in hospital on time. Because they were too poor to give him medical facility. They had also missed their previous son due to diarrhea.

'What is the main cause of the physical problem of Kumar?' I asked this question with Mr. Tenzing Lama, founder of a school as well as Biology lecturer of Nepal. He said, 'Lack of nutritious food and the problem in the mind may be the root cause.' Many people are dying everyday in Nepal due to the lack of nutritious food, health care and poverty.
Discovered by +Don Prince