Affairs on Social Networking Sites

Once upon a time people used to make pen friends through magazines. Today computer has changed the trend of people. Now people are online to search their life partners.

According to a survey done by a company in England, people under 25 years old fall in love online in less than one month whereas the couples over 55 take maximum two months. The survey also say that more men than women search love in social networking sites.

Technology is used not only for love but also for break ups. 36% people want to declare the decision of break ups through phone. 27% people use SMS whereas each one in 8 like to use social networking to declare their break ups.

In one hand  social networking sites have made the world too advanced, it is also impacting society negatively in the another hand. Blackmailing, divorce, fraud and kidnap are increasing. We can't stop the growth of these social networking sites. But if we are conscious and aware we can at least minimize the risk of caused by them.
Discovered by +Don Prince

12 Years Old But Still on the Bed

12 years old Kumar Budhathoki who was born in Khotang of Nepal is only 5 kg by weight and the most amazing thing is that he is still surviving with milk. His parents Brish Bahadur and Shanta Kumari tried to feed him with crops but they did not succeed. According to Nagarik News, the child can't speak, stand and eat. He looks like a small baby and he is still on the bed.

The physical condition of Kumar was normal in the beginning stage. Later some problems occurred. But his parents couldn't take him in hospital on time. Because they were too poor to give him medical facility. They had also missed their previous son due to diarrhea.

'What is the main cause of the physical problem of Kumar?' I asked this question with Mr. Tenzing Lama, founder of a school as well as Biology lecturer of Nepal. He said, 'Lack of nutritious food and the problem in the mind may be the root cause.' Many people are dying everyday in Nepal due to the lack of nutritious food, health care and poverty.
Discovered by +Don Prince

10 Superstitions Prevalent in the IT World

We are in Internet age. Today everything has internet version. Nothing can stand in the crowd without internet. So, we can't imagine a developed world without IT. But do you know there are many superstitions prevalent in the IT society? I had done a small research on this topic. And I am shocked with the fact that not only general people but also national newspapers, computer engineers and IT professionals have some blind faiths about IT. Among the 100 blind faiths detected, I have selected 10 most sensitive points to share with you. Let's begin the strange journey.

1. Twitter is a social networking site
People like to hang out in the Twitter after Facebook. Most of them think that Twitter is the alternative to the Facebook. But they don't know that Twitter is not a social networking site. It is a micro blogging platform.

2. Bloggers and Webmasters put contents in Google
Many people in the world still think that Bloggers and webmasters put contents in Google. But Google is not a content publishing site. It is a search engine. Bloggers and webmasters actually put their contents in their own blogs and websites. Then the Google bots extract them when people search related information in Google search box. When the people click on any search result, they will be redirected to the concerned blog and website to consume the contents.

3. Facebook has search engine
Though one can search directly through Facebook, it does not have own search engine. The search engine inside the Facebook is Bing which is owned by Microsoft. Bing is the second largest search engine after Google. Yahoo is another search engine. But it is integrated with Bing. So both engines are same as they show same results.

4. Search Engines give backlinks
Search engines like Google and Bing make pageranks of websites and blogs in its search result by calculating the number of quality and relevant links achieved by the particular sites from other sites for particular keywords. These links are called backlinks or inbound links. Search engines count the backlinks of particular sites to make its pageranks but they don't give backlinks themselves.

5. Blogger's users need top level domain to apply Google Adsense
Adsense policy clearly states that it doesn't accept the sites with sub domain. But Blogger's user doesn't need top level domain. They can still apply with the blogs with sub domain. Because Blogger and Adsense both are owned by the same company Google.

6. Popular Websites have too many ads
Some ignorant people consider a website having too many ads to be very popular and a site which has less ads is less popular. It is not true. Any site can plaster as many ads as it wishes through different ads networks like Adsense, Chitika, Smowtion, Infolinks, Kontera, etc. But good websites always have limited number of ads.

7. All hackers are bad
As soon as people hear the word 'hacker', they think negatively. But all hackers are not bad. There are many types of hackers. Government and private companies hire legal and certified hackers to secure their computers, network and websites. Those types of hackers are called white hat hackers or ethical hackers. And those hackers who illegally hack are called black hat hackers.

8. Blog is only an online diary
Blog was surely introduced as an online diary. But today it is much more than it. It is not only an online diary nowadays. It is a type of website which is popular due to the value given by search engines as it is updated frequently.

9. Phishing is a type of Hacking
Some people are confused with the words phishing and hacking. These are not same terms. Phishing is manipulating people by making duplicate pages of authorized sites while hacking is the illegal or legal entrance into the servers or networking.

10. Social networking sites and social bookmarking sites are same
Some people assume that social networking sites and social bookmarking sites are same. But they are totally different. Social networking sites let us network with people. But social bookmarking sites are meant for bookmarking popular and favorite contents.

Do you agree with these points? If yes, share this article and help us to arouse awareness among the people. If you do not agree, let's begin a conversation through comments and spread the knowledge with the world.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why I don't Believe on Tantra and Mantra?

Though it is my personal belief, I am going to tell you why I don't believe on Tantra and Mantra. I don't believe on them because of the following reasons:
1. If such kind of things had existed, the government would have trained its armies with most powerful mantras instead of expending huge amount of money in arms and weapons.
2. Thieves, robbers, murderers, kidnappers and smugglers would have learned them to make their task easier.
3. School, colleges and institution would have been established everywhere to teach people about them.
4. Scientists of all walks of science would have concentrated their mind on them to invent and discover any new invention and discovery.
5. There would not have been poverty, grief and other problems in the world.

This article has been created to arouse awareness among the people. If you still believe on the things like Tantra and Mantra, I offer a big salute to you and your foolishness. What is your opinion? Let's comment.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Your Mind Automatically Programmed?

Do you watch violent and horror movies? Do you listen sad and sentimental songs? Do you spend your time by watching news of accidents and conflicts? Are you surrounded by fight and quarrel in the society? Are you loosing your temper all the time? Do you think about war, crime and terror? Caution!! Your mind is automatically programmed with anger, fear, sadness and violence.

Your mind is like a computer where the different softwares like anger, fear, sadness and violence are installed. These softwares run automatically whenever there is need which can be harmful for your life. It not only makes your mind dull, uncreative and unproductive but also brings a negative change in your behavior that can ruin your relationship, profession and business.

I am not saying you shouldn't be updated with the news around you. You can also watch horror and violent movies sometimes. So are the sad and sentimental songs. And obviously, some fears and angers are normal in your life. But sticking with those things all the time is beyond the wisdom. You had better watch movies about peace, love and fun. Attach with romantic songs. Always smile and make other laugh. Think good, see good, speak good and do good. You will definitely find your life happy, peaceful and prosperous.
Good Luck!!
Discovered by +Don Prince

We dont' Invent, We Discover

Nothing is impossible if we believe on ourselves. Just take an example of bees. Their wings are not capable to make them fly but they fly. Because they believe they can fly with the support of their wings. Similarly we human being can do anything if we desire and believe on ourselves. So we have achieved tremendous progress in science and technology.

But do you believe we don't invent anything? We discover everything. Any inventions either electricity, computer and vehicles or telescope, internet and television, everything were already existed on the earth as the mysteries of the earth. We people only discovered them. The universe is full of such mysteries which still need research. Let's see how far we reach in this travel of discovery.

The idea of this article is my personal opinion. Do you agree with me? If yes, share this article. If you don't agree, what is your opinion? Please comment.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Hypnosis for Employment

Hypnosis is scientifically verified method to send suggestions into one's subconscious mind by making his/her conscious mind off. It is also one of the techniques which can be applied to cure patients of several health problems. Besides, hypnosis is a good way to live a life because it can give an opportunity for self employment.

When a person learns hypnosis, he is called hypnotist. Now he can perform his skill on the stage where he will hypnotize his audience for their fun and entertainment. Mr. Ravi Bharma, a professional hypnotist from India says, ''I am living with hypnosis shows for years. It is my hobby too.''

Hypnosis is an strange experience for both hypnotist and subject. Mr. Raju Shrivastav says, ''I had been a part of a hypnosis show. It is a really a nice experience for me.'' Hypnotist charges a certain amount of money in the show which is the steady income source for him. Let's think how far can it solve unemployment problems of the country like Nepal?

Discovered by +Prem Darshan+Sujan Kshetry and +Sangeet Sangroula  

Holy Books Make us Mad?

Do Holy books make us mad? I was suddenly asked this question by someone. It was really a wise question. Have you ever thought on this question? Before answering this question, I want to present a case study to understand it in a better way. Let's read it first.

One of our neighbors became mad suddenly. People discussed on the causes of his madness. They concluded after the discussion that the man became mad because he read the holy book of his religion. Many of us have read our holy book. We are not mad. But what happened to him that made him go mad? Those people said that he had become mad because he had not completed the book. It means if one starts reading his  holy book, then he must read it completely. But why?

It is ridiculous belief that holy books make us mad if it is read incompletely. But we can't deny the fact that some people are being mad. There are two reasons behind it:
 1. He read the book so crazily that he was isolated from the real world.
 2. When he read half of the books that made him confused.

Holy books are the real sources to enhance logical power. So it is a good idea to learn them in both religious and intellectual point of views. But one should not read it crazily. He has to read it in certain intervals so that he is in contact of the physical world. And he must complete it so that he does not be confused about life, religion and philosophy.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Simple Way to Increase Confidence

There are hundreds of thousands of  ways to increase confidence level. This is the simple and easiest way to increase confidence. Just follow the technique mentioned below:

Set the sentence ''I am a confident person'' as the password for Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. After a few days you will feel you are more confident than before.

How does it work?
If you directly say ''I am a confident person''' to yourself,  your conscious mind will simply reject it. But if you use it as a password frequently, your conscious mind won't filter it. So it enters into your subconscious mind and then it works.
Discovered by +Don Prince