We know that dream is all about our past. Scientists say that about 95% dreams are directly related to our past. But some dreams come true in future. Scientists are still failed to find out why some dreams are the scenes of future events. I have tried to solve this puzzle in this article. Forgive me if I am not right.

First of all. Let me present a real dream of mine to make it easy to understand. I hope you don't take it otherwise. It happened about 22 years ago. I saw the visual of the place nearby my house in dream. There was a red colored tractor. The watch was showing as 7 am. I woke up at that time and saw the watch on the wall. It was right 7 am. I peeped out from the window and found a red tractor parked exactly in the right place as in my dream.

I was a child. So I couldn't help me that time. But now I am enough grown up and educated to analysis this dream. Actually this dream was a message from my subconscious mind to conscious mind to get me up soon. Because I used to get up at 6 am every morning and I was late  on that day.
Dr. Joseph Murphy says our subconscious mind was existed before we were born. And it will exist even after our body dies. Because it is very powerful energy. I support his statements and I also add one very important point here that our subconscious mind is really so wonderful that it knows past and even future. So it can show our future events through dream in order to give a message or warn us from future happenings.

Now I hope you know why some dreams come true. If you don't agree with me, do comment below to start the conversation with me and other people of the world. In this way we can enrich the web by sharing each others knowledge. Am I wrong?
Discovered by +Don Prince