Sarita is a 19 years old young girl born and grown up in Nepal. She is a college student. Today she had to go to college without having her regular food rice due to tight time schedule. She thought she would manage it by having something on the way. And she did it. But her hunger could not be satisfied. She ate lots of things throughout the day. However she was missing her favourite food. Finally when she got it in dinner, she became calm.

Have you ever experienced such type of situation in your life? If yes, I believe you are pure Nepali like me. But why is rice a must for us? Let's have a glance on it.

Nepal was economically, socially and educationally backward country and it still is. So people depend on physical work for living. Particularly people are engaged in agriculture which is a tough work in physical point of views. As a result people need carbohydrate providing food like rice. So rice may have been non-negotiable any time.

But in the case above Sarita is not involved in agriculture. Neither she is doing any physical work. Then why she can't compromise with rice? Moreover, you also may fall into this category. At least I think so. Man, here is the matter all about psychology. Tradition of having rice everyday is like a strict routine in Nepal. Therefore your subconscious mind will make you feel hungry till you get carbohydrate like rice, maize and wheat.
Discovered by +Don Prince