Is Krishna a God? What make him to be worshiped as a God? In what ways he is different from any other normal man? This article has answered all these questions strangely.

Yes, I am going to expose here those mysterious qualities of Lord Krishna which are neither written in any religious books nor anyone can claim to know it. I hope this article will obviously increase the beliefs of the devotees of Krishna towards him. Let's begin the journey.

Lord Krishna has unlimited powers which proves him to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the supreme God of Hindus. Following are the unknown qualities of Krishna:

1. He is the main source of psychic power. He knows past, present and future. He is also a skilled hypnotist.
2. He has got victory over death. Death had no power to take him. So he willingly left the earth on the respect of the law of nature.
3. His word has magical power. Whatever he speaks, comes true.
4. He is the lord of love. He has nothing but loves in his heart for his devotees.
5. He is an ideal personality with the knowledge of all things.
6. He has amazing mind power. He is awake even he sleeps.
7. He is a great religious fighter. No one can defeat him in any sort of war.

Besides, Lord Krishna is attractive, mysterious, peaceful and kind. If one studies his life story deeply with inner eyes and mind, he/she will definitely find the hints to these qualities in him.
Discovered by +Don Prince