One of my close friends was going to marry with a girl. It was an arrange marriage. So he didn't know anything about her. He agreed to marry her unconditionally hoping that his parents must have chosen the girl after some inquiries. Before a day of the marriage, a strange girl came in his dream and cried for a long time in front of him. Later he asked me to interpret his dream. But it was too late. So I didn't say any more except suggesting to forget it as a nightmare and try to live happy married life.

Time went on passing. Initially everything was going fine. But their relation started to spoil since he knew that his wife was cheating with him. Finally his wife ran away with a man leaving her child and husband. Now my friend has married another girl. Thank God, he is living happily with his child and new life partner.

I had seen these all right after he told me about his dream. A girl crying in his dream was the sign of his subconscious mind to warn not to marry with the girl. But I didn't warn him which was my great mistake. Anyway everything is fine now.

If you also see such dream, then be aware. Do not underestimate your dream. Your dream may be the message of your subconscious mind. Try to understand the meaning of your dream. Because a big disaster may be knocking at your door. If you understand the message of your dream, that can bypass the disaster and save your life.

Dream is still a mysterious word in Science. We extremely believe that dream has direct relation with our life. Dream is the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind. If our subconscious mind has something to tell us, it uses dream as a communication channel.
Our research is still going on about dreaming...............................
Discovered by +Don Prince