One of my students unexpectedly failed in my subject. When I asked him the cause  he gave the most common answer, "I was terribly nervous in the exam."

Are you a student? Do you have such problem? Have you ever thought what might be the cause of your nervousness? Today I am gonna tell you the real cause of your problem. And I will also give you the solution at last. Go on reading this article.

First and foremost you have to know that your nervousness and the exam are attached as an anchor in your mind . I mean to say that whenever you face exam you are being nervous because these two things have been integral parts of each other like cloud and rainfall. So whenever the climate is cloudy there comes rainfall, right? Similarly whenever there is exam, you become nervous.

If you want to get rid of this problem, you have to remove this anchor from your mind. You can guide your subconscious mind not to link your nervousness and exam together so that it does not make you nervous when you face exam. There are many ways to do that. Follow any one of the following techniques:

_ Make yourself strong and try to take exam with full confidece several times to remove this anchor practically till you get success.
_ Try to control fast breathing as it prevents oxygen to reach inside the mind.
_ Set password of Facebbok, Gmail as "I am a confident person." to suggest your subconcious mind to believe it.

There are hundreds of methods to get over nervousness. You can Google Solve Nervousness Problems in the internet. Best of luck.
Discovered by +Don Prince