In the beginning days of the married life, most of the couples have over emotional attachments with each other. They are over romantic and close. Some of them even ignore social values and become the subject of criticism because they are seen in some irritable attitudes like teasing each other, staying 24 hours of the day together and talking all the time about the partner regardless they are in front of their parents or the community people are watching them.

As time passes, they come in normal position. Unfortunately some of them find their life partner less attractive to live the life together. Their interest towards each other will fed up. Why it happens?
In the earlier stage, when a girl and boy see each other, they release chemicals of attraction from their body which make them attractive towards each other. After a certain time, the body stops releasing this chemicals or hormones of attraction. Consequently they find their lover or life partner less interesting. This is the reason people say that a man always likes others wife.

Actually the decline in attraction is a normal process. But some couples do not understand it and take a wrong decision. So the relations are being broken in the society. I hope this article helps many couples to understand each other.
Discovered by +Don Prince