Hypnosis is the state in which our conscious mind is dominated by our subconscious mind so as to get the suggestions without filtration. A certified or well experienced hypnotist can easily hypnotize you. But do you know we are naturally hypnotized in our daily life? See the examples below:

1. We may follow the ideas of another if we are confused.
2. We simply accept if someone talks of ill about our enemies without knowing what is right and what is wrong.
3. We follow the costumes if majority of people are wearing them as a fashion.
4. We listen to the ideas of our favorite friends, relatives and celebrities blindly.
5. We may simply do the work required if we are appreciated before the command.

There are many situations where we get hypnotized. The above mentioned are only some examples. What are the situations you experienced where you get hypnotized naturally. Let's share with world  via comment.
Discovered by +Don Prince