We have only one mind. But it has two sections, i.e., conscious and subconscious. I have written so many articles about subconscious mind. However I forgot to mention a thing every time that western scientists do not believe on the existence of subconscious mind.

As you know that I completely believe on the power and existence of subconscious mind, I am going to write down some facts of your and my life which prove that the subconscious mind is existed with us. See the facts down:

1. Sometimes specially when we are in tension, we forget how we arrived at home. Our subconscious mind takes care of us when our conscious mind is in tension.
2. A driver can drive and talk on mobile at the same time. In that situation, his conscious mind is talking and subconscious is driving.
3. If you decide to do something wrong, risky or new, you will be struggling with yourself whether do or not to do. This is actually the struggle between your conscious and subconscious mind.
4. Have you ever watched television while doing another task like writing? You are writing with your subconscious mind at that moment.
5. You may have been known of the sound and happening around you while dreaming. Your subconscious is awake when you sleep.

There are many proofs of the subconscious mind. You may have experienced many situations that advocate the existence of subconscious mind. Feel free to share your experiences with us.
Discovered by +Don Prince