Is supernatural power existed in the world? The question is quite mysterious and magnetic for everyone. First and foremost I want to clarify the other question, I.e., Was supernatural power existed in the world?

The good answer is 'Yes, it was once upon a time in our exact world existed.' But what is the proof of its existence? Really it is by common sense is not other than our religious books specially in Hinduism. Remember the religious history where people used to talk with God directly. They could fly, disappear, talk with the persons far from them, go to paradise and heaven alive, cure the disease, disguised themselves in any from and so on. Were not these all the evidences of the supernatural power?

I know you are not satisfied with my answer. You still suspect the presence of the supernatural power in the past. If you decide not to change your belief, then who am I to force you to change it? However I strongly recommend you to consider the following lines.

The supernatural power is not the direct blessing of the God. Rather it is the magic got from the science after the long research by the people. People in the past did not create it. It was already existed in the world. So people discovered it. But where is it now?

Actually when eras changed, we lost those powers including so many other things we had in the past. And it is natural process. But we did not loose our power overnight. We lost it as it is one by one replaced by another substitute. For example, invention of medicine killed our self healing power, discovery of calculator declined our calculation power, invention of telephone disappeared our mind communication power, etc. And it definitely happened in due course of time.

So if we try, we can restore our supernatural powers. This is surely a good news for you. The way to achieve those powers is not the conservative thought. You should remember that only research on technology and psychology can help us in this regard.

Now let's come to the beginning question. Is supernatural power existed in the world? Yes it is existed in the world. If we research on psychology, we can discover it. Because study of psychology is the right door to supernatural power after science and technology. Best of luck.
Discovered by +Don Prince