'Do you think Lord Buddha has reincarnated on the earth?'' I asked this question to Marici through email. She replied, ''I think Lord Buddha was on Earth to show the way to Enlightenment for each human being, who really makes an effort. He did not come to show a way how to get new and new incarnations. That is something we all know how to do, as we are doing this Samsara-game for long ages. Why should we need a Buddha to show us the same way, the way of Samsara? No, Buddha came to show the way out. It means, logically, that he did not plan to reincarnate after reaching the state of Nirvana. Those who claim he had been reincarnated, in the same moment try to convince us that Buddha could not reach the way out in reality. So what would we need such a Buddha for?''

Marici was 16 when started to practice Yoga, and her Yoga teacher supplied her with Books on Yoga, Hindu religion and philosophy which she bought in India on her trips to Ashrams and Gurus. Her main example became Shri Ramana Maharishi, the Advaitist Yogi of Tamilnadu. Through every intensive Yoga practice she went through the 8 stages of Patanjali and remembered her true nature. This means she remembered she came from God (as we all in her words). Automatically by Yoga she became a believer, but not a follower of any worldly religion, authority or priest. she is the follower of the Inner Dharma. She exposed her personal religious views.

''Do you think Ram Bahadur Bomjon is the reincarnation of Lord Buddha?'' I asked her another question. ''No. He himself also disclaimed it. I don't consider him the reincarnation of Shakyamuni, Gautama Buddha. But there were and are and will be always Buddhas - awakened ones. I consider Ram Bahadur Bomjon one of the Buddhas. I don't decide because of other people's opinion in such cases. My opinion is only based on my own recognition and experience.'' Said Marici, an intellectual Yogi.

''Why do you become a Yogi?'' She said in her answer, ''Everyone is born with a given karma and Dharma. If it is one's karma to become a Yogi, even if born in a totally non-Hindu environment, one will get in contact with the Yoga tradition in any way. This cannot be avoided, decided or changed. I was born with the intention to continue my disrupted Yoga practice from past life. But I forgot this intention for 16 years. We all are born with similar noble intentions but we forget it often.''

She is a Hindu from her previous birth as she says. Is Hinduism practiced in her country? Let's know in her own words, ''I think the elder generation follows Catholic and Protestant Christianity. Europe is mostly secular. The younger generation of about 20-35 years are choosing religions like Buddhism or Hindu branches also.''
Discovered by +Don Prince