Internet World is flooded with the claims made of self declared Kalki Gods. When I published the article ''When is Kalki Avatar Coming to this World?'', my email box began to populated with the emails of several people who claimed to be the real Kalki. One of them presented himself so mysteriously that I wrote the article ''Finally Kalki Bhagawan Came to the Earth'' on him. Some Kalki Gods are introducing themselves through the comments in those articles whereas some of them added me on their Facebook Account. Thanks all of them who encouraged me to write this breaking article on Kalki.

The Padma Purana of Hindu predicts the birth of Kalki who is the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The epic says that the unlimited sins and crimes on the earth will cause Lord Vishnu to incarnate as Kalki in order to reinstate the truth and religion. Now I have a question with you all. Is there any limitation of sins and crimes on the earth? If you say 'No, there is no limitation'', then you must agree that Kalki has come somewhere on the earth.

The most confusing part of Lord Kalki is that people think he is coming to destroy our earth which is totally wrong. Actually we, the humans, are going to destroy the earth by means of natural, social and atomic weapons. We are unknowingly plotting the plot of another World War with the issue of sins and religion. If Lord Kalki is coming, he is coming to save the earth and good people in this war of truth and false. Remember the role of Lord Krishna in Mahabharata War. You will understand it clearly.

So we can estimate that Lord Kalki has come to the earth with his mission to save the people and earth. But he may not have come to the earth by riding the horse from the sky. He also might have been born like us. But he must be different than us. If you want to confirm his identity, you should consider the following qualities within him:
1. Decorated with supernatural power
4. Religious
5. Supported by Lord Krishna

I know you are confused with the conditional no.3. Because you believe there is no difference between Krishna and Kalki as both of them are incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Being similar in many ways, 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu are not same. See our previous article 'Difference Between Ram and Krishna' to know why and how it is.

In conclusion, the unlimited sorrows, sins and crimes are the proofs of the arrival of Lord Kalki on the earth. Not only Lord Kalki but Lord Krishna also may have arrived on the earth . He probably will support Lord Kalki in the coming war. Remember the war of Mahabharata where Lord Krishna supports Arjuna to fight against sins. Let's wait what happens in coming future.
Discovered by +Don Prince