Samjhana was an intermediate student. She was an open minded girl. So she made everyone her friends who came to her. Very soon, she became popular in college. But she was also begun to be criticized specially by her opponents. Gradually most of people started talking her to be a characterless girl which wasn't' true at all. But there was no one to believe her. In the mean time one of her colleagues named Raghav supported her by advocating her side. Finally Samjhana and Raghav became close friends. After 4 years it is heard that they got married.

One of the methods to attract the person you like is what Raghave did in the above case study. If your choice {girl or boy} is being humiliated, tortured or criticized by others, this is a right time to win his/her heart by supporting him/her. But remember that someone becomes closer only as a friend. In the other hand if someone loves you in the time of emotional injuries, she mayn't love you after the settlement of injuries. So use your wisdom to apply this method in the right way.
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