I was at my friend's home. My friend's younger sister appeared and said that she had got her result of first semester where she had stood first. We congratulated her. She said, "I had already known my result. Because God had appeared in my dream and given the boon to be first in this exam." My friend did not believe it. So he just gave a smile. He asked me, "Do you believe it?" "Yes, I do." I replied then he stared me with the big eyes.

There are 4 factors that made her boon come true:
1. As she believes on God, her subconscious mind simply accepted that she would be first in exam because God came in her dream and gave the boon.
2. She found her study more interesting and worked hard when she believed to be first in coming exam.
3. Her dream made her confident which helped her to perform efficiently.
4. As she remembered that dream frequently and believed to be first, she might have seen another dream where she was being first. This dream worked in reality with the power of visualization.

In conclusion, her belief worked here. If she had not believed her dream, she would not have got her dream come true. So if you get such strange and positive dream, believe it completely. You will definitely get the favorable result. Similarly if you see negative dream, simply don't believe it. You will be escaped from the effect of your dream.
Discovered by +Don Prince