Nepal is an amazing country with wonderful history. Its history is all excited, funny and pitiful. In this article I have listed  the catchable events from the ancient to modern Nepal. I hope it is worthy. The list goes like this:

_ The Lichchhavi king Jitedasti had helped Pandav in Mahabharata war.
_ The currency of Nepal was made of gold during and before the rule of Rana Family.
_ It is believed that the founder of Nepal PN Shah got boon from Gorakhnath to win Nepal. He was only 8 years old at the time.
_ PN Shah had forced all youths to join his army in his state Gorkha.
_ There were only 12000 houses in Gorkha.
_ The brother of PN Shah Dalmardhan Shah was only 12 years old when he killed army commander Shankhmani Rana during the attack of Nuwakot.
_ Ran Bahadur Shah had become the king of Nepal at the age of 2 years 6 months.
_ During the time of Bahadur Shah the war between Nepal and China broke out.
_ Girwanyuddha Bikram Shah had become the king of Nepal at the age of 1 year 6 months
_ King Girwanyuddha Bikram Shah had died at the age of 18.
_ Amar Singh Thapa had got training from PN Shah and Bahadur Shah.
_ During the rule of Junga Bahadur Rana Nepal Tibet war broke out.
_ Dev Shamsher ruled only 114 days.
_ Chandra Shamsher was the first person to pass SLC from Rana Family.
_ The government of Dr K.I Singh had supported India in the dispute of India and Pakistan.

There are many such events in the history of Nepal. If you like it, we will come with the big list in the future. So don't forget to comment. Happy reading.
Reference: History of Modern Nepal
Discovered by +Don Prince