How to Attract the Person You Like?

Samjhana was an intermediate student. She was an open minded girl. So she made everyone her friends who came to her. Very soon, she became popular in college. But she was also begun to be criticized specially by her opponents. Gradually most of people started talking her to be a characterless girl which wasn't' true at all. But there was no one to believe her. In the mean time one of her colleagues named Raghav supported her by advocating her side. Finally Samjhana and Raghav became close friends. After 4 years it is heard that they got married.

One of the methods to attract the person you like is what Raghave did in the above case study. If your choice {girl or boy} is being humiliated, tortured or criticized by others, this is a right time to win his/her heart by supporting him/her. But remember that someone becomes closer only as a friend. In the other hand if someone loves you in the time of emotional injuries, she mayn't love you after the settlement of injuries. So use your wisdom to apply this method in the right way.
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Is Ram Bahadur Bomjon One of the Buddhas?

'Do you think Lord Buddha has reincarnated on the earth?'' I asked this question to Marici through email. She replied, ''I think Lord Buddha was on Earth to show the way to Enlightenment for each human being, who really makes an effort. He did not come to show a way how to get new and new incarnations. That is something we all know how to do, as we are doing this Samsara-game for long ages. Why should we need a Buddha to show us the same way, the way of Samsara? No, Buddha came to show the way out. It means, logically, that he did not plan to reincarnate after reaching the state of Nirvana. Those who claim he had been reincarnated, in the same moment try to convince us that Buddha could not reach the way out in reality. So what would we need such a Buddha for?''

Marici was 16 when started to practice Yoga, and her Yoga teacher supplied her with Books on Yoga, Hindu religion and philosophy which she bought in India on her trips to Ashrams and Gurus. Her main example became Shri Ramana Maharishi, the Advaitist Yogi of Tamilnadu. Through every intensive Yoga practice she went through the 8 stages of Patanjali and remembered her true nature. This means she remembered she came from God (as we all in her words). Automatically by Yoga she became a believer, but not a follower of any worldly religion, authority or priest. she is the follower of the Inner Dharma. She exposed her personal religious views.

''Do you think Ram Bahadur Bomjon is the reincarnation of Lord Buddha?'' I asked her another question. ''No. He himself also disclaimed it. I don't consider him the reincarnation of Shakyamuni, Gautama Buddha. But there were and are and will be always Buddhas - awakened ones. I consider Ram Bahadur Bomjon one of the Buddhas. I don't decide because of other people's opinion in such cases. My opinion is only based on my own recognition and experience.'' Said Marici, an intellectual Yogi.

''Why do you become a Yogi?'' She said in her answer, ''Everyone is born with a given karma and Dharma. If it is one's karma to become a Yogi, even if born in a totally non-Hindu environment, one will get in contact with the Yoga tradition in any way. This cannot be avoided, decided or changed. I was born with the intention to continue my disrupted Yoga practice from past life. But I forgot this intention for 16 years. We all are born with similar noble intentions but we forget it often.''

She is a Hindu from her previous birth as she says. Is Hinduism practiced in her country? Let's know in her own words, ''I think the elder generation follows Catholic and Protestant Christianity. Europe is mostly secular. The younger generation of about 20-35 years are choosing religions like Buddhism or Hindu branches also.''
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I Discovered Lord Kalki

Internet World is flooded with the claims made of self declared Kalki Gods. When I published the article ''When is Kalki Avatar Coming to this World?'', my email box began to populated with the emails of several people who claimed to be the real Kalki. One of them presented himself so mysteriously that I wrote the article ''Finally Kalki Bhagawan Came to the Earth'' on him. Some Kalki Gods are introducing themselves through the comments in those articles whereas some of them added me on their Facebook Account. Thanks all of them who encouraged me to write this breaking article on Kalki.

The Padma Purana of Hindu predicts the birth of Kalki who is the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The epic says that the unlimited sins and crimes on the earth will cause Lord Vishnu to incarnate as Kalki in order to reinstate the truth and religion. Now I have a question with you all. Is there any limitation of sins and crimes on the earth? If you say 'No, there is no limitation'', then you must agree that Kalki has come somewhere on the earth.

The most confusing part of Lord Kalki is that people think he is coming to destroy our earth which is totally wrong. Actually we, the humans, are going to destroy the earth by means of natural, social and atomic weapons. We are unknowingly plotting the plot of another World War with the issue of sins and religion. If Lord Kalki is coming, he is coming to save the earth and good people in this war of truth and false. Remember the role of Lord Krishna in Mahabharata War. You will understand it clearly.

So we can estimate that Lord Kalki has come to the earth with his mission to save the people and earth. But he may not have come to the earth by riding the horse from the sky. He also might have been born like us. But he must be different than us. If you want to confirm his identity, you should consider the following qualities within him:
1. Decorated with supernatural power
4. Religious
5. Supported by Lord Krishna

I know you are confused with the conditional no.3. Because you believe there is no difference between Krishna and Kalki as both of them are incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Being similar in many ways, 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu are not same. See our previous article 'Difference Between Ram and Krishna' to know why and how it is.

In conclusion, the unlimited sorrows, sins and crimes are the proofs of the arrival of Lord Kalki on the earth. Not only Lord Kalki but Lord Krishna also may have arrived on the earth . He probably will support Lord Kalki in the coming war. Remember the war of Mahabharata where Lord Krishna supports Arjuna to fight against sins. Let's wait what happens in coming future.
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Situations of Natural Hypnosis in Our Life

Hypnosis is the state in which our conscious mind is dominated by our subconscious mind so as to get the suggestions without filtration. A certified or well experienced hypnotist can easily hypnotize you. But do you know we are naturally hypnotized in our daily life? See the examples below:

1. We may follow the ideas of another if we are confused.
2. We simply accept if someone talks of ill about our enemies without knowing what is right and what is wrong.
3. We follow the costumes if majority of people are wearing them as a fashion.
4. We listen to the ideas of our favorite friends, relatives and celebrities blindly.
5. We may simply do the work required if we are appreciated before the command.

There are many situations where we get hypnotized. The above mentioned are only some examples. What are the situations you experienced where you get hypnotized naturally. Let's share with world  via comment.
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Really Working Mantras

All of you know that National Discovery Channel strongly fights against conservative beliefs of the society. Giving light to the people in darkness is one of the missions of this site. So we published so many articles in the past days which tried to aware people from superstitious beliefs like Tanta, Mantra and Yantra. But today we are going to publish a shocking article for you all. Because today this article is giving really working mantras on which we are believing for years. It is called religious mantra. Yes those mantras which you are using while worshiping Gods and Goddess.

I know this is nothing new for you all specially if you are a Hindu. But I will tell you not what you can do with it but what you are not doing with it. First, choose any one of the Worshiping mantra of your religion. Better you select the mantra of your God whom you trust most. For hints, a Hindu can pick up any one of the following mantras:

1. Om Namaha Shivaya.
2. Om Namaha Narayan.
3. Om Namaha Bhagwate Basudevaya.
4. Jaya Shree Ram.
5. Jay Shree Krishna.

These mantras are the oldest and spiritually pure mantras of the world. There are thousand of holy mantras in Hindu holy books on which we believe most not with the reason that we are Hindus but we have proven those mantras scientifically.

What miracles can these mantra do in your life?
Use one of these mantras while you breath in and breath out for a while and tell to yourself that your breath will be chanting this mantra even though you don't think on it. Practice it at least three times in a day. You will find the following miracles in your life:

1. Free from fear.
2. Confidence and hopes for life.
3. Positive thinking.
4. Developing feeling of morality from the heart.
5. Being escaped from the unwanted events in life.
6. Success over wish and luck.
7. Prosperity of health, wealth and family peace.

There are hundreds of miracles of these mantras which I can't mention all. Think that you have a single solution and way for everything in your life.

What are you waiting for? Pick up a mantra from your own religion and begin to practice. If your religion does not provide any mantra, then remember the prayer. Prayer is also a type of mantra. God bless you.
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Proofs of Subconscious Mind

We have only one mind. But it has two sections, i.e., conscious and subconscious. I have written so many articles about subconscious mind. However I forgot to mention a thing every time that western scientists do not believe on the existence of subconscious mind.

As you know that I completely believe on the power and existence of subconscious mind, I am going to write down some facts of your and my life which prove that the subconscious mind is existed with us. See the facts down:

1. Sometimes specially when we are in tension, we forget how we arrived at home. Our subconscious mind takes care of us when our conscious mind is in tension.
2. A driver can drive and talk on mobile at the same time. In that situation, his conscious mind is talking and subconscious is driving.
3. If you decide to do something wrong, risky or new, you will be struggling with yourself whether do or not to do. This is actually the struggle between your conscious and subconscious mind.
4. Have you ever watched television while doing another task like writing? You are writing with your subconscious mind at that moment.
5. You may have been known of the sound and happening around you while dreaming. Your subconscious is awake when you sleep.

There are many proofs of the subconscious mind. You may have experienced many situations that advocate the existence of subconscious mind. Feel free to share your experiences with us.
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How God Gives a Boon to You?

I was at my friend's home. My friend's younger sister appeared and said that she had got her result of first semester where she had stood first. We congratulated her. She said, "I had already known my result. Because God had appeared in my dream and given the boon to be first in this exam." My friend did not believe it. So he just gave a smile. He asked me, "Do you believe it?" "Yes, I do." I replied then he stared me with the big eyes.

There are 4 factors that made her boon come true:
1. As she believes on God, her subconscious mind simply accepted that she would be first in exam because God came in her dream and gave the boon.
2. She found her study more interesting and worked hard when she believed to be first in coming exam.
3. Her dream made her confident which helped her to perform efficiently.
4. As she remembered that dream frequently and believed to be first, she might have seen another dream where she was being first. This dream worked in reality with the power of visualization.

In conclusion, her belief worked here. If she had not believed her dream, she would not have got her dream come true. So if you get such strange and positive dream, believe it completely. You will definitely get the favorable result. Similarly if you see negative dream, simply don't believe it. You will be escaped from the effect of your dream.
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How is the Face of an Alien?

Who has seen the aliens except the aliens themselves? Where are they seen except in movies? However some people time to time claim to have encountered with them which is nothing more than a business stunt.
Some scientists, after all, have somehow made the possible sketch of the aliens which is controversial and full of illusion. Suppose we agree some people have seen the aliens.  Let's agree for a while they have been seen by scientists. But how can they determine the actual face of an alien without having their physical presence?

Let me clarify this. Suppose our spacecraft with astronomers unknowingly reached near the planet of aliens and they saw the astronomers. But they did not find them. Then what type of sketch will they make for our shape and face? Definitely they will think all humans like an astronomers. But they don't know the real body shape and face of a human which is covered in the space suits.

If the aliens had been seen on the earth, they are also astronomers and are seen in space suits. Can we estimate the real face and shape of them without getting their physical presence? Obviously not.
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How to Win Verbal Fight?

You must have met with stubborn type of people who can't accept defeat in verbal fight despite of being totally wrong. How to deal with such stubborn people? Let's get the idea.

The main problem with those people is their ego. They can't see someone being superior. So they never accept that they are wrong and you are right despite of the feeling of being wrong in the cold war. So if you stress on your logic to convince them, they blindly reject your logic. They don't even want to listen you clearly. That is why the first and foremost thing you should do is simply agree with him by saying "Yes, you are right."

When you surrender and listen them, they also feel that they should listen to you. When you start speaking, don't attack their argument directly. First support them and starts your point by saying "Yes, you are right. However I think......."

If they are listening to you, give strong logic. If possible manage some other friends to support you. If he finds more people supporting your logic, they will simply accept your logic and agree that you are the genius in that correspondence.

There are many ways to win verbal fight. The tips above are only some of them. You can use your own conscience to win such war in accordance with the situation and the type of people.
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Do You Know Why Day Dream Comes True?

Most of the day dreams come true. It is a belief at least in Nepal. Yes, if they sleep in day time, whatsoever they see in their dream will be also in the real life. And I consciously trust on their belief.

Do you know why day dream comes true? It is not a coincidence. You know while dreaming our conscious mind will be passive whereas our subconscious mind will be more active. As you know that dream can be a future message, our dream makes us aware of something with such dream. Specially when we dream at day time. Because the power of visualization works through subconscious mind more efficiently in day time dreaming than the dream of the night.

If you want to be entirely conform what I am saying, I suggest you to read our some articles under dream interpretation and subconscious mind navigating through the tab located  in sidebar. You can get some extraordinary articles about dream, power of visualization and subconscious mind there. Good luck.
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Why is Rice a Must for People in Nepal?

Sarita is a 19 years old young girl born and grown up in Nepal. She is a college student. Today she had to go to college without having her regular food rice due to tight time schedule. She thought she would manage it by having something on the way. And she did it. But her hunger could not be satisfied. She ate lots of things throughout the day. However she was missing her favourite food. Finally when she got it in dinner, she became calm.

Have you ever experienced such type of situation in your life? If yes, I believe you are pure Nepali like me. But why is rice a must for us? Let's have a glance on it.

Nepal was economically, socially and educationally backward country and it still is. So people depend on physical work for living. Particularly people are engaged in agriculture which is a tough work in physical point of views. As a result people need carbohydrate providing food like rice. So rice may have been non-negotiable any time.

But in the case above Sarita is not involved in agriculture. Neither she is doing any physical work. Then why she can't compromise with rice? Moreover, you also may fall into this category. At least I think so. Man, here is the matter all about psychology. Tradition of having rice everyday is like a strict routine in Nepal. Therefore your subconscious mind will make you feel hungry till you get carbohydrate like rice, maize and wheat.
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How to Kill Pain Without Painkiller?

If your tooth or any other parts of body starts paining at night while you are alone then what will you do? If you are lucky, you will find someone to help you. If you are careful, you will take painkiller which you may have kept as back up previously for the rainy day like this. But what will you do if you have got no option?
There is an old saying "Necessity is the mother of invention." I faced same situation, solved it and got substances to serve readers of this site like you. Just guess what may I have done? It's easy more than you think. Yes, it was self hypnosis which replaced painkiller and made me feel relax.

You should not be necessarily a doctor to apply this simple treatment. But if you have a bit background at least as a self reader of hypnosis, it is easier. Now learn what can you do in that situation described above:

_ Stay somewhere by supporting your back comfortably.
_ Close your eyes and take long breath in and breath out for a while.
_ Start visualizing your whole parts of body are taking rest one by one.
_ Visualize a garden where you are feeling relax, entertaining and doing so many other things which can make you pleased.
_ If you feel relax be back from the hypnosis by saying 1, 2, 3.
_ Repeat process till you feel completely relax.

If this is your first experience, you may feel difficulty to go into deep trance. You had better learn self hypnosis right from today. Read some other articles of hypnosis in this blog and also search other resources on the web. When you become perfect, you can do so many miracles like this in your life.
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How to Attract Wealth with Power of Mind?

Attracting wealth is all about building a positive belief towards wealth. Every mind is potential but most of the people are unknown about it. They often complain the money and end with failure.

One should never take the money as evil, else it never comes in life. All should clear the mind by fixing any doubt, incomplete plan of business and suspect towards their capacity and possibility of success. Your success is pending till you have the clear road map and policy of your business.

Remember that having full confidence and clear road map do not fix your success. It only gives you power to work efficiently and correctly. In that way you convince your subconscious mind to bring success and wealth in life.

Follow the given below ways to make your subconscious mind attract wealth:

_ Talk with people and say your are getting good economic profit.
_ Set your password as "I  am getting richer."
_ Visualize the scenes of being rich in your mind.
_ Try to have a full trust that you are becoming rich very soon.
_ Set a clear vision of your business.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

Why Some Dreams Come True?

We know that dream is all about our past. Scientists say that about 95% dreams are directly related to our past. But some dreams come true in future. Scientists are still failed to find out why some dreams are the scenes of future events. I have tried to solve this puzzle in this article. Forgive me if I am not right.

First of all. Let me present a real dream of mine to make it easy to understand. I hope you don't take it otherwise. It happened about 22 years ago. I saw the visual of the place nearby my house in dream. There was a red colored tractor. The watch was showing as 7 am. I woke up at that time and saw the watch on the wall. It was right 7 am. I peeped out from the window and found a red tractor parked exactly in the right place as in my dream.

I was a child. So I couldn't help me that time. But now I am enough grown up and educated to analysis this dream. Actually this dream was a message from my subconscious mind to conscious mind to get me up soon. Because I used to get up at 6 am every morning and I was late  on that day.
Dr. Joseph Murphy says our subconscious mind was existed before we were born. And it will exist even after our body dies. Because it is very powerful energy. I support his statements and I also add one very important point here that our subconscious mind is really so wonderful that it knows past and even future. So it can show our future events through dream in order to give a message or warn us from future happenings.

Now I hope you know why some dreams come true. If you don't agree with me, do comment below to start the conversation with me and other people of the world. In this way we can enrich the web by sharing each others knowledge. Am I wrong?
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Is Supernatural Power Existed in the World?

Is supernatural power existed in the world? The question is quite mysterious and magnetic for everyone. First and foremost I want to clarify the other question, I.e., Was supernatural power existed in the world?

The good answer is 'Yes, it was once upon a time in our exact world existed.' But what is the proof of its existence? Really it is by common sense is not other than our religious books specially in Hinduism. Remember the religious history where people used to talk with God directly. They could fly, disappear, talk with the persons far from them, go to paradise and heaven alive, cure the disease, disguised themselves in any from and so on. Were not these all the evidences of the supernatural power?

I know you are not satisfied with my answer. You still suspect the presence of the supernatural power in the past. If you decide not to change your belief, then who am I to force you to change it? However I strongly recommend you to consider the following lines.

The supernatural power is not the direct blessing of the God. Rather it is the magic got from the science after the long research by the people. People in the past did not create it. It was already existed in the world. So people discovered it. But where is it now?

Actually when eras changed, we lost those powers including so many other things we had in the past. And it is natural process. But we did not loose our power overnight. We lost it as it is one by one replaced by another substitute. For example, invention of medicine killed our self healing power, discovery of calculator declined our calculation power, invention of telephone disappeared our mind communication power, etc. And it definitely happened in due course of time.

So if we try, we can restore our supernatural powers. This is surely a good news for you. The way to achieve those powers is not the conservative thought. You should remember that only research on technology and psychology can help us in this regard.

Now let's come to the beginning question. Is supernatural power existed in the world? Yes it is existed in the world. If we research on psychology, we can discover it. Because study of psychology is the right door to supernatural power after science and technology. Best of luck.
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The Scientific Cause of Attraction

In the beginning days of the married life, most of the couples have over emotional attachments with each other. They are over romantic and close. Some of them even ignore social values and become the subject of criticism because they are seen in some irritable attitudes like teasing each other, staying 24 hours of the day together and talking all the time about the partner regardless they are in front of their parents or the community people are watching them.

As time passes, they come in normal position. Unfortunately some of them find their life partner less attractive to live the life together. Their interest towards each other will fed up. Why it happens?
In the earlier stage, when a girl and boy see each other, they release chemicals of attraction from their body which make them attractive towards each other. After a certain time, the body stops releasing this chemicals or hormones of attraction. Consequently they find their lover or life partner less interesting. This is the reason people say that a man always likes others wife.

Actually the decline in attraction is a normal process. But some couples do not understand it and take a wrong decision. So the relations are being broken in the society. I hope this article helps many couples to understand each other.
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Why Do Some Students Become Nervous In Exam?

One of my students unexpectedly failed in my subject. When I asked him the cause  he gave the most common answer, "I was terribly nervous in the exam."

Are you a student? Do you have such problem? Have you ever thought what might be the cause of your nervousness? Today I am gonna tell you the real cause of your problem. And I will also give you the solution at last. Go on reading this article.

First and foremost you have to know that your nervousness and the exam are attached as an anchor in your mind . I mean to say that whenever you face exam you are being nervous because these two things have been integral parts of each other like cloud and rainfall. So whenever the climate is cloudy there comes rainfall, right? Similarly whenever there is exam, you become nervous.

If you want to get rid of this problem, you have to remove this anchor from your mind. You can guide your subconscious mind not to link your nervousness and exam together so that it does not make you nervous when you face exam. There are many ways to do that. Follow any one of the following techniques:

_ Make yourself strong and try to take exam with full confidece several times to remove this anchor practically till you get success.
_ Try to control fast breathing as it prevents oxygen to reach inside the mind.
_ Set password of Facebbok, Gmail as "I am a confident person." to suggest your subconcious mind to believe it.

There are hundreds of methods to get over nervousness. You can Google Solve Nervousness Problems in the internet. Best of luck.
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Why I Never Ignore My Dream?

One of my close friends was going to marry with a girl. It was an arrange marriage. So he didn't know anything about her. He agreed to marry her unconditionally hoping that his parents must have chosen the girl after some inquiries. Before a day of the marriage, a strange girl came in his dream and cried for a long time in front of him. Later he asked me to interpret his dream. But it was too late. So I didn't say any more except suggesting to forget it as a nightmare and try to live happy married life.

Time went on passing. Initially everything was going fine. But their relation started to spoil since he knew that his wife was cheating with him. Finally his wife ran away with a man leaving her child and husband. Now my friend has married another girl. Thank God, he is living happily with his child and new life partner.

I had seen these all right after he told me about his dream. A girl crying in his dream was the sign of his subconscious mind to warn not to marry with the girl. But I didn't warn him which was my great mistake. Anyway everything is fine now.

If you also see such dream, then be aware. Do not underestimate your dream. Your dream may be the message of your subconscious mind. Try to understand the meaning of your dream. Because a big disaster may be knocking at your door. If you understand the message of your dream, that can bypass the disaster and save your life.

Dream is still a mysterious word in Science. We extremely believe that dream has direct relation with our life. Dream is the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind. If our subconscious mind has something to tell us, it uses dream as a communication channel.
Our research is still going on about dreaming...............................
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Amazing Events in the History of Nepal

Nepal is an amazing country with wonderful history. Its history is all excited, funny and pitiful. In this article I have listed  the catchable events from the ancient to modern Nepal. I hope it is worthy. The list goes like this:

_ The Lichchhavi king Jitedasti had helped Pandav in Mahabharata war.
_ The currency of Nepal was made of gold during and before the rule of Rana Family.
_ It is believed that the founder of Nepal PN Shah got boon from Gorakhnath to win Nepal. He was only 8 years old at the time.
_ PN Shah had forced all youths to join his army in his state Gorkha.
_ There were only 12000 houses in Gorkha.
_ The brother of PN Shah Dalmardhan Shah was only 12 years old when he killed army commander Shankhmani Rana during the attack of Nuwakot.
_ Ran Bahadur Shah had become the king of Nepal at the age of 2 years 6 months.
_ During the time of Bahadur Shah the war between Nepal and China broke out.
_ Girwanyuddha Bikram Shah had become the king of Nepal at the age of 1 year 6 months
_ King Girwanyuddha Bikram Shah had died at the age of 18.
_ Amar Singh Thapa had got training from PN Shah and Bahadur Shah.
_ During the rule of Junga Bahadur Rana Nepal Tibet war broke out.
_ Dev Shamsher ruled only 114 days.
_ Chandra Shamsher was the first person to pass SLC from Rana Family.
_ The government of Dr K.I Singh had supported India in the dispute of India and Pakistan.

There are many such events in the history of Nepal. If you like it, we will come with the big list in the future. So don't forget to comment. Happy reading.
Reference: History of Modern Nepal
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why Girls Play Volleyball but Boys Football?

What do you like most between volleyball and football? If you are a girl, you choose volleyball and if  you are a boy, you like to play football, right? Do you know why it happens?

Long ago the society was too narrow specially regarding the issue of girls and women. People wanted to limit the females inside the house. So they gave girls the responsibility of household works. As a result girls started to play the games like volleyball because they could play it being at their home. In the other hand football required large playground, a number of friends and plenty of time to play. So the girls did not find this game suitable for them and they did not play. But boys could easily manage football game and they found it more interesting than volleyball.

What else are the causes for it? If you know any more, please share with us. Feel easy to comment this article and let the others know your views.
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Why is Krishna Worshipped as a God?

Is Krishna a God? What make him to be worshiped as a God? In what ways he is different from any other normal man? This article has answered all these questions strangely.

Yes, I am going to expose here those mysterious qualities of Lord Krishna which are neither written in any religious books nor anyone can claim to know it. I hope this article will obviously increase the beliefs of the devotees of Krishna towards him. Let's begin the journey.

Lord Krishna has unlimited powers which proves him to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the supreme God of Hindus. Following are the unknown qualities of Krishna:

1. He is the main source of psychic power. He knows past, present and future. He is also a skilled hypnotist.
2. He has got victory over death. Death had no power to take him. So he willingly left the earth on the respect of the law of nature.
3. His word has magical power. Whatever he speaks, comes true.
4. He is the lord of love. He has nothing but loves in his heart for his devotees.
5. He is an ideal personality with the knowledge of all things.
6. He has amazing mind power. He is awake even he sleeps.
7. He is a great religious fighter. No one can defeat him in any sort of war.

Besides, Lord Krishna is attractive, mysterious, peaceful and kind. If one studies his life story deeply with inner eyes and mind, he/she will definitely find the hints to these qualities in him.
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