The society of Nepal remained undemocratic, uneducated and exploited for years in the past. This is the reason, the people in Nepal are extremely superstitious and conservative. There are numerous blind faiths in Nepal. One of them is casteism.

Although the cities of Nepal have reformed tremendously regarding untouchability, some people are still restricted on some special institution like marriage. Inter cast marriage is still not a free tradition. In the other hand people have some certain beliefs regarding the cast. Almost all castes are negatively criticized with some particular blames, cracks and faults. For example people tell Newars as the people of caste who are never friends. Damai who are dirty, Brahmin who are miser, Kami who are cheap {people say like that} and so on. But they never have a bad saying about Chhetries, why? Have you ever thought over this question?

The reason is that Chhetries had ruled Nepal in the past. So people did not dare to criticize them. In the other hand, the rulers made other think and write good stories about them. So people are traditionally positive towards them.

Though I belong to Chhetries Community, I am not here to appreciate my own caste and criticize others. Neither do I promote casteism anywhere. This article is only for reference. And I myself is against inhumane custom like untouchability.
Discovered by +Don Prince