Education itself is a very difficult term to define in a few words. Many definitions have come over the time. However, no definition has succeeded to justify the complete areas of Education. I think my new definition may give a bit consolation to the dissatisfied learners of Education.

''Education is the process of gaining right capacity to use right conscience in the right time, place and situation.''

Let me illustrate my definition. Assume you as a well educated person. You know untouchability is a bad custom. You migrated to a remote village where the custom of untouchability was extreme. You protested it. You began not to care casteism. Ultimately blind people boycotted you then you had to leave the village. In this situation you aren't an educated person at all. Because you have no right capacity to use your conscience according to the time, place and situation.

In the case above you could have been considered to really have education if you first had adjusted in the society, followed what they followed, built a presence and finally changed the custom of untouchability. So getting knowledge is not intelligence. Intelligence is just about adjusting your knowledge with the situation.
Discovered by +Don Prince