There is an old saying, law is made to break. Man by nature doesn't' want to be chained by law. However he follows laws because he fears of punishment. But if the punishment doesn't fit the crime, then law becomes a toy of a child.

Punishment must be equal to the crime. If it is so, the criminals think thousand times before they decide for any crime. Law must follow blood for blood rule. Then a murderer will think thousand times how he will murder.

But the situation is opposite. Capital sentence for murders is not practiced in many countries. And wherever it's practiced, government is very kind to the criminal for their pain while penalty. In the other hand in some countries where capital sentence is not practiced, criminals are fed up by the government keeping them inside the jail.

So if a criminal is arrested for theft, he should be fined with heavy amount. If a cheater is arrested his half property should be confiscated. If a man is caught for rape, he should be made to walk naked in the street. Then only the society will be free of crime.
Discovered by +Don Prince