So you want to learn Vashikaran Mantra. Because you want to control your husband.  Right? May be you are a bachelor boy and want to attract a girl. You also may be a girl and keen to control a boy. Congratulations! You have arrived in the right place. I will teach you all about it at free except your time and attention.

First of all bear it in your mind that you must get Siddhi {Mastery} to make any Tantra Mantra work for you. Don't worry. It is not so difficult. The password to its success is just to spell the Mantra correctly with complete Bidhi {procedure} having sole dedication and faith towards the deity of  Mantra.

Copy the Mantra given below and memorize it exactly word by word:
ओम: वशिकरण मन्त्र झुटो हो स्वाहा !! यसले पैसा, समय र स्वास्थ्यको नाश गर्छ फट फट फट, फू मन्तर कि वाचा स्वाहा !!
If you want to understand the sense of this Mantra in English. It reads like this:
Vashikaran Mantra is a Fake. It is waste of time, wealth and health.

Now you know this powerful Mantra. So it's time to practice it. You have to collect some objects to practice this Mantra. I highly recommend you to write down the list of objects so that no object is missed. The list goes like this:
i} Horn of a black cat.
ii} Tail of a girl.
iii} bone of a snake
iv} a glass of pure black milk
v} Rock of the moon
For rock of moon, I highly recommend you to contact NASA. Alternatively you can go to the moon yourself riding on a new bicycle.

After learning Mantra and collecting objects, you are ready to perform your miracle. Now this is the time to select right place and time. No idea? Let me tell you about the right place and time. The best place is between earth and moon. Similarly, the best time is after you sleep and before you get up.

The last step is spelling the Mantra and throwing these 5 objects in 5 different directions in the name of your target {with whom you want to use this Mantra}. Do it correctly. No success? Oh! I am sorry. I told you in the beginning you should get Siddhi to succeed it. If you are having trouble to get Siddhi and need a help, sell your whole property and draft money in my bank account. I will surely help you.
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Discovered by +Don Prince