Witchcraft is a social tradition in Kenya. You may be surprised knowing that witches in Kenya are professional. Recently a journalist from Kenya sent us an email. See below:
Hi National Discovery,
I am a Kenyan Journalist who has done some background researches on  a certain kenyan tribe known to be consultants of the supernatural spirits and practice witchcraft as a way of life to protect and ease their lifestyle.As a result there still is a large population of natives in the country who believe that traditional medications which include rituals are an effective treatment method to many modern day ailments and diseases including HIV/AIDS. Having recently lost a friend of mine due to such belief and practices i believe that the world ought to be notified and awareness created through a documentary which seeks to unearth the ill intentions and misinformation such practices has spread to a number of the Kenyan population. It is said that even politicians of the land do seek the witchcraft's heed and offer sacrifices whenever the General elections are around the corner.The making of such a documentary will guarantee lots of episodes shot in Tanganyika and Beyond tracing the origin and culture relations of the native tribe as they migrated across Africa before settling to their current location in kenya. I am currently a one man team and I would like to work with the National Discovery Team of a cameraman and narrator, I can do the script and direct the tour as I have done ample research and have the technical know how of how to actualize and seek to unveil the many mysteries surrounding the so called dared supernatural tribe of Kenya.
What is your opinion about the practice of witchcraft in Kenya? Do you believe on witches? Do you have any real experience? Are you a witch and want to introduce yourself as a witch through this site? Do comment here or send us emails directly.
Discovered by +Don Prince