Hypnosis is the scientifically verified method to send suggestions into the subconscious mind to solve many problems like sickness, fear, addiction, etc. It is also a type of fun when it is used for family, friends, party and even stage show. When a person is hypnotized {or self-hypnotized}, he is in the condition of neither sleep nor awake. In this way, his conscious mind is altered due to deep trance made by hypnosis and the suggestions can be easily sent into the subconscious mind. Finally, the subconscious mind works accordingly.

As I mentioned earlier, hypnosis can make several miracles in our life. In this article, I will teach you how to use hypnosis to attract your wife so that you find your every wishes in your wife and both of you have a very successful married life. Let's begin your journey.
- Isolate yourself in a lonely place where you are not disturbed by anyone.
- Sit comfortably somewhere you feel better.
- Close your eyes.
- Make all parts of your body take relax one by one.
-  Speak slowly the following scripts created by Dr. Joseph Murphy:

''I now attract the right woman who is in complete accord with me. This is a spiritual union because it is divine love functioning through the personality of someone with whom I blend perfectly. I know I can give to this woman love, light, peace, and joy. I feel and believe I can make this woman's life full complete, and wonderful. I now decree that she possesses the following qualities and attributes: she is spiritual, loyal faithful, and true. She is harmonious, peaceful, and happy. We are irresistibly attracted to each other. Only that which belongs to love, truth and beauty can enter my experience. I accept my ideal companion now.''

- Speak that you will come out of the trance when you reach 1 starting from 3.
- Speak 3, 2, 1 and then open your eyes.
Practice this activity everyday at a same time till you get your goal.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any sort of harm caused by the tactic made through this article. I suggest that before going through practice of hypnosis, you learn in detail. You had better go to the professional hypnotherapy hospital near your area and learn it practically. This article is only for education not for practice.
Discovered by +Don Prince