Research shows that men like beautiful faces of their partner but women give priority to smart, neat and tidy and economically strong men while choosing them as their partner. Anyway it also makes a lots of sense that a handsome person is attractive for everyone. And obviously if a man is rich , smart and also handsome chances are high to be attractive for everyone.

Today I am going to teach you how to look handsome for others. And if you are a female then definitely you can learn how to look beautiful. If you are naturally handsome and beautiful then also my tips will help you to look more attractive.

To know how to look attractive, first of all you should know how people determine the beauty of others. There is an old saying 'beauty is in the eyes of viewers'. Exactly, if you manage to make your partner think you are attractive, that' it, you are done. Try to manage some groups around her or him who will be talking and appreciating your face, smartness and behavior and personality. This types of process should be repeated many times in different intervals. As a result of repetition, the facts that you are so handsome and nice will enter into her/his subconscious mind. Now you are exactly the person he or she likes very much.
Best of Luck.
Discovered by +Don Prince