It happened when I was teaching some schools in Birgunj city of Nepal. I was in Grade IX. I suddenly stopped teaching and sat on the chair and said with a long breath, 'I think I have a high fever.' I arrived my residence and directly lied on the bed. I had forgotten to lock the door. So I wanted to get up but I couldn't do it and remained helpless. I needed to close the door. But there was no option. I wonder how I decided to do something strange. I continuously stared at the door and after 1 minute I said in my mind, 'close, close , close' and the door was closed automatically. I couldn't believe my eyes. I investigated the surroundings. There was no chance of blowing air. Neither was there anyone to do it.

Later, I searched about it in Google and found that there are many people in the world who can move the objects, even bend them with the power of their mind. And this science was called Telekinesis or Psychokinesis. Many scientists were researching on this topic.

I am very sorry to tell you that the official science has denied the existence of Telekinesis and tells that research should not be continued on this topic. But there are still some scientists who completely believe in the existence of Telekinesis. I personally believe in this science. Because I experienced its existence many times in my life. It mainly stands on belief. That's why those scientists had to prove it false as they couldn't do it because they lacked belief.

Final words by the writer
This article is not for showing my talent to the readers. I wrote this article just to help scientists who are researching on Telekinesis. And the event described above is 100% true. How can I compromise with the belief of my readers who believe on my articles for years? After all, there is a matter of the reputation of this website, right?
Discovered by +Don Prince