Finally Kalki Bhagavan Came to the Earth

Hold your heart and start to count your days from backwards if you have committed any sin in your life because the most awaited Avatar by Hindus 'Kalki Bhagavan' has arrived to the earth now.

The God unexpectedly contacted the National Discovery Team leaving some secret comments anonymously in an article 'When is Kalki Avatar Coming to this Word?' and said the discoverers not to publish them. And he requested to see his official website. He has also given the url to his Facebook Profile.

The self declared Kalki Bhagavan has given details about his mission along with his identity in his personal website. You can visit the website if you believe on his claim. Remember that National Discovery Channel does not officially declare the Indian guy to be Kalki Bhagavan. Take this article only as an information. After all, we are planning to research on him.
Discovered by +Don Prince

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  1. Click on website for Official website of Kalki Avatar

  2. Hey Don Prince you didn't read 33 chapter in ... I am operation secretly since 31/May/2003.. First read 33 chapters then you talk

  3. I am going to read your whole chapters in near future.

  4. “Welfare Rule is the most important Right of People” Kalki :

    “The successful implementation of Welfare Rule in a country is possible only if the Ruler allows pure air, water, food, clothes, house, education, hospital, electricity, vehicle, technological facilities (phone, television, internet etc.), job etc. as the right which should be free with tax-free structure in order to live independently in security and protection. These were executed and proved by Sree Rama and Sree Krishna (7th & 8th incarnations of Lord Mahavishnu) with the available facilities at that time.” Kalki

  5. once again i am self appear in the earth same to same one step above at the perfect end time that was end of universal time as per maya 2012 as well bramha time 2014 easy way whole u got in my tweeter account as well facebook

  6. Hey don prince where are the url links