Why people drink uncontrollably? We performed an informal survey on this question and found the most common answer that drunkards take wine as a kind of medicine for their emotional wound. They think that they get relief with drink whenever they feel sad. We also asked same questions with some smokers. They too agree that they think cigarette as a close friend whenever they need to forget their pain. Do drinking and smoking decrease our tension to prevent us from depression?

If you are smoking whenever you feel sad, your sadness and the cigarette become integrated parts for you. As a result you will feel sad whenever you smoke even in happy mood. This condition is called anchor in psychology. Are you drinking to forget tension? Then you are linking tension and drink together to feel sad automatically whenever you drink even in the birthday party of your friend.

Drinking does not decrease your pain. It makes your emotion more strong negatively to make you feel depressed for a long time. Because by drinking in sad condition, you unknowingly send suggestion to your subconscious mind that you want to be sad while drinking. So what do you think? Is it appropriate to drink and smoke?