Nepali Film Industry has traveled 50 years long journey. However there is no significant change except converting black and white movie into color movie. Everyone know why the pace of its development is very slow. Even though I mention and describe some of the major drawbacks of Nepali Film Industry just to refresh you knowledge.

The drawbacks of Nepali Film Industry are given below:

1. Lack of Market: I include this problem at the first position of the listing because this is not only a problem. This is the mother of several other problems. We have less picture quality, less technology, less training., less skilled man power, less budget, less publicity and so on. The route cause is that we don't have proper market for our film. We have competition with Indian moves which are very competent because they have huge audience outside and inside the countries. So they dare to invest millions of dollars because there is certain market to get their money back. But what about Nepali films? Is it appropriate to invest millions of dollars in Nepali film? Can we squeeze those investments from the market? How many audiences do we have? Even Nepalese themselves do not watch Nepali move. In this condition it's not OK to expect with foreigners.

2. Lack of Creativity: I like to relate story of movies with this point. Story is the heart of a movie. But our heart is so weak. If we can be creative and decorate our story with creative art, we will definitely beat national and international market regardless we have less investment and technology.

3. Lack of Sensitive Thought: Nepali film is not sensitive to select suitable actors, music , spots and so on. Nepalese think it lightly. But these are the things do matter for the quality of a film. Similarly actors in our films are OK without taking related training, why?

4. Lack of category: Writers, producer and directors do not categorize the filmt. In the another word, Nepali films are not made on the specific theme. They have mixed topic from politics to religion and crime to love. I mean  we can find almost everything in a single move like village, city , politician, romance, religion, crime, art, science, history, etc.

5. Lack of Target:  If we ask a film maker who is the targeted audience of your new film? He doesn't have any good answer. Because Nepali films are not targeted at particular audience like youth, intelligent, children, women etc.

6. Unhealthy policy: Government has no supportive policy for movies. There are numerous legal obstacles of procedures. It's easy to make a film but too hard to release it. Moreover movies are unnecessarily banned by Sensor Board. Film Makers can start an film within a matter of hours but he should think thousand time to make really good film in Nepal.

Above all, some Nepali films are really so cute. But if we talk in average, we have pile of quality-less movies. Our films can't progress by giving ban to foreign markets. This is the time of international trade and business. It is intelligence to market our everywhere in the world.
Discovered by +Sangeet Sangroula via  +Don Prince