Drinking Decreases Tension?

Why people drink uncontrollably? We performed an informal survey on this question and found the most common answer that drunkards take wine as a kind of medicine for their emotional wound. They think that they get relief with drink whenever they feel sad. We also asked same questions with some smokers. They too agree that they think cigarette as a close friend whenever they need to forget their pain. Do drinking and smoking decrease our tension to prevent us from depression?

If you are smoking whenever you feel sad, your sadness and the cigarette become integrated parts for you. As a result you will feel sad whenever you smoke even in happy mood. This condition is called anchor in psychology. Are you drinking to forget tension? Then you are linking tension and drink together to feel sad automatically whenever you drink even in the birthday party of your friend.

Drinking does not decrease your pain. It makes your emotion more strong negatively to make you feel depressed for a long time. Because by drinking in sad condition, you unknowingly send suggestion to your subconscious mind that you want to be sad while drinking. So what do you think? Is it appropriate to drink and smoke?

How I Closed the Door With Power of Mind?

It happened when I was teaching some schools in Birgunj city of Nepal. I was in Grade IX. I suddenly stopped teaching and sat on the chair and said with a long breath, 'I think I have a high fever.' I arrived my residence and directly lied on the bed. I had forgotten to lock the door. So I wanted to get up but I couldn't do it and remained helpless. I needed to close the door. But there was no option. I wonder how I decided to do something strange. I continuously stared at the door and after 1 minute I said in my mind, 'close, close , close' and the door was closed automatically. I couldn't believe my eyes. I investigated the surroundings. There was no chance of blowing air. Neither was there anyone to do it.

Later, I searched about it in Google and found that there are many people in the world who can move the objects, even bend them with the power of their mind. And this science was called Telekinesis or Psychokinesis. Many scientists were researching on this topic.

I am very sorry to tell you that the official science has denied the existence of Telekinesis and tells that research should not be continued on this topic. But there are still some scientists who completely believe in the existence of Telekinesis. I personally believe in this science. Because I experienced its existence many times in my life. It mainly stands on belief. That's why those scientists had to prove it false as they couldn't do it because they lacked belief.

Final words by the writer
This article is not for showing my talent to the readers. I wrote this article just to help scientists who are researching on Telekinesis. And the event described above is 100% true. How can I compromise with the belief of my readers who believe on my articles for years? After all, there is a matter of the reputation of this website, right?
Discovered by +Don Prince

Drawbacks of Nepali Film Industry

Nepali Film Industry has traveled 50 years long journey. However there is no significant change except converting black and white movie into color movie. Everyone know why the pace of its development is very slow. Even though I mention and describe some of the major drawbacks of Nepali Film Industry just to refresh you knowledge.

The drawbacks of Nepali Film Industry are given below:

1. Lack of Market: I include this problem at the first position of the listing because this is not only a problem. This is the mother of several other problems. We have less picture quality, less technology, less training., less skilled man power, less budget, less publicity and so on. The route cause is that we don't have proper market for our film. We have competition with Indian moves which are very competent because they have huge audience outside and inside the countries. So they dare to invest millions of dollars because there is certain market to get their money back. But what about Nepali films? Is it appropriate to invest millions of dollars in Nepali film? Can we squeeze those investments from the market? How many audiences do we have? Even Nepalese themselves do not watch Nepali move. In this condition it's not OK to expect with foreigners.

2. Lack of Creativity: I like to relate story of movies with this point. Story is the heart of a movie. But our heart is so weak. If we can be creative and decorate our story with creative art, we will definitely beat national and international market regardless we have less investment and technology.

3. Lack of Sensitive Thought: Nepali film is not sensitive to select suitable actors, music , spots and so on. Nepalese think it lightly. But these are the things do matter for the quality of a film. Similarly actors in our films are OK without taking related training, why?

4. Lack of category: Writers, producer and directors do not categorize the filmt. In the another word, Nepali films are not made on the specific theme. They have mixed topic from politics to religion and crime to love. I mean  we can find almost everything in a single move like village, city , politician, romance, religion, crime, art, science, history, etc.

5. Lack of Target:  If we ask a film maker who is the targeted audience of your new film? He doesn't have any good answer. Because Nepali films are not targeted at particular audience like youth, intelligent, children, women etc.

6. Unhealthy policy: Government has no supportive policy for movies. There are numerous legal obstacles of procedures. It's easy to make a film but too hard to release it. Moreover movies are unnecessarily banned by Sensor Board. Film Makers can start an film within a matter of hours but he should think thousand time to make really good film in Nepal.

Above all, some Nepali films are really so cute. But if we talk in average, we have pile of quality-less movies. Our films can't progress by giving ban to foreign markets. This is the time of international trade and business. It is intelligence to market our everywhere in the world.
Discovered by +Sangeet Sangroula via  +Don Prince

How to Look Attractive for Someone?

Research shows that men like beautiful faces of their partner but women give priority to smart, neat and tidy and economically strong men while choosing them as their partner. Anyway it also makes a lots of sense that a handsome person is attractive for everyone. And obviously if a man is rich , smart and also handsome chances are high to be attractive for everyone.

Today I am going to teach you how to look handsome for others. And if you are a female then definitely you can learn how to look beautiful. If you are naturally handsome and beautiful then also my tips will help you to look more attractive.

To know how to look attractive, first of all you should know how people determine the beauty of others. There is an old saying 'beauty is in the eyes of viewers'. Exactly, if you manage to make your partner think you are attractive, that' it, you are done. Try to manage some groups around her or him who will be talking and appreciating your face, smartness and behavior and personality. This types of process should be repeated many times in different intervals. As a result of repetition, the facts that you are so handsome and nice will enter into her/his subconscious mind. Now you are exactly the person he or she likes very much.
Best of Luck.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Law of Nature

Nature is the manifestation of God. No one can break the law of nature except God. But God does not break the these rules because they are made by himself.

The universal rule is that the day of tomorrow depends on the activities a man is doing today. Your life is what you do everyday. Good gets reward and evil gets punishment. This is the rule of law most of the people are unknown with. Otherwise they wouldn't have met pain in their life.

So if you are happy today, you must have done something good previously. So are the the bad events you face. They are the result of your bad deeds in the past. That's why think good, be good and do good. The law of nature will bring peace and prosperity in your life.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Punishment Should Fit the Crime

There is an old saying, law is made to break. Man by nature doesn't' want to be chained by law. However he follows laws because he fears of punishment. But if the punishment doesn't fit the crime, then law becomes a toy of a child.

Punishment must be equal to the crime. If it is so, the criminals think thousand times before they decide for any crime. Law must follow blood for blood rule. Then a murderer will think thousand times how he will murder.

But the situation is opposite. Capital sentence for murders is not practiced in many countries. And wherever it's practiced, government is very kind to the criminal for their pain while penalty. In the other hand in some countries where capital sentence is not practiced, criminals are fed up by the government keeping them inside the jail.

So if a criminal is arrested for theft, he should be fined with heavy amount. If a cheater is arrested his half property should be confiscated. If a man is caught for rape, he should be made to walk naked in the street. Then only the society will be free of crime.
Discovered by +Don Prince

How was Mohini Mantra Discovered?

If you are a Hindu you must have heard about Mohini Mantra. Mohini Mantra is a powerful script which is used with the purpose of attracting a girl or boy for love. Have you ever considered when and how it was discovered? Go on reading. This article deals with the actual source of Mohini Mantra.

Remember the most interesting and amazing event of Hindu Mythology, i.e., Samudra Manthan which was performed by the common efforts of Devatas and Asuras. It was specially done to get nectar of immortality. When the Devatas and Asuras succeeded to achieve it, they, according to their deal, were to share it among them. As per the plan made previously by Devatas, Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of the most beautiful girl namely Mohini. She was so attractive enough to manipulate the attention of Asuras and then Devatas alone had the nectar of immortality. Finally they became immortal.

Now you may have understood how the Mohini Mantra began. The concept of Mohini Mantra is exactly came from Mohini, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. After this event, scholars learnt how to attract people psychologically and spiritually to meet their needs. Eventually the science of Mohini Mantra began.

Disclaimer: This article does not support that there is existence of Mohini Mantra. National Discovery Channel openly fight against the superstitious beliefs like Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. This article has been created only for the reference.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Is Witchcraft a Social Tradition in Kenya?

Witchcraft is a social tradition in Kenya. You may be surprised knowing that witches in Kenya are professional. Recently a journalist from Kenya sent us an email. See below:
Hi National Discovery,
I am a Kenyan Journalist who has done some background researches on  a certain kenyan tribe known to be consultants of the supernatural spirits and practice witchcraft as a way of life to protect and ease their lifestyle.As a result there still is a large population of natives in the country who believe that traditional medications which include rituals are an effective treatment method to many modern day ailments and diseases including HIV/AIDS. Having recently lost a friend of mine due to such belief and practices i believe that the world ought to be notified and awareness created through a documentary which seeks to unearth the ill intentions and misinformation such practices has spread to a number of the Kenyan population. It is said that even politicians of the land do seek the witchcraft's heed and offer sacrifices whenever the General elections are around the corner.The making of such a documentary will guarantee lots of episodes shot in Tanganyika and Beyond tracing the origin and culture relations of the native tribe as they migrated across Africa before settling to their current location in kenya. I am currently a one man team and I would like to work with the National Discovery Team of a cameraman and narrator, I can do the script and direct the tour as I have done ample research and have the technical know how of how to actualize and seek to unveil the many mysteries surrounding the so called dared supernatural tribe of Kenya.
What is your opinion about the practice of witchcraft in Kenya? Do you believe on witches? Do you have any real experience? Are you a witch and want to introduce yourself as a witch through this site? Do comment here or send us emails directly.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Finally Kalki Bhagavan Came to the Earth

Hold your heart and start to count your days from backwards if you have committed any sin in your life because the most awaited Avatar by Hindus 'Kalki Bhagavan' has arrived to the earth now.

The God unexpectedly contacted the National Discovery Team leaving some secret comments anonymously in an article 'When is Kalki Avatar Coming to this Word?' and said the discoverers not to publish them. And he requested to see his official website. He has also given the url to his Facebook Profile.

The self declared Kalki Bhagavan has given details about his mission along with his identity in his personal website. You can visit the website if you believe on his claim. Remember that National Discovery Channel does not officially declare the Indian guy to be Kalki Bhagavan. Take this article only as an information. After all, we are planning to research on him.
Discovered by +Don Prince

What is Education?

Education itself is a very difficult term to define in a few words. Many definitions have come over the time. However, no definition has succeeded to justify the complete areas of Education. I think my new definition may give a bit consolation to the dissatisfied learners of Education.

''Education is the process of gaining right capacity to use right conscience in the right time, place and situation.''

Let me illustrate my definition. Assume you as a well educated person. You know untouchability is a bad custom. You migrated to a remote village where the custom of untouchability was extreme. You protested it. You began not to care casteism. Ultimately blind people boycotted you then you had to leave the village. In this situation you aren't an educated person at all. Because you have no right capacity to use your conscience according to the time, place and situation.

In the case above you could have been considered to really have education if you first had adjusted in the society, followed what they followed, built a presence and finally changed the custom of untouchability. So getting knowledge is not intelligence. Intelligence is just about adjusting your knowledge with the situation.
Discovered by +Don Prince

How to Use Hypnosis to Attract an Ideal Husband?

Previously I wrote an article titled 'How to Use Hypnosis to Attract an Ideal Wife?'. Someone requested me to write it again to apply on the opposite gender. So, this time I am writing similar hypnotic process to attract an ideal husband in your life. I hope you have read the previous article in order to understand it clearly.

Simply, follow the given below instruction:
- Stay alone in a  place where no one can disturb you.
- Sit comfortably in a chair.
- Close your eyes.
- Take a long breath.
- Let all parts of your body take a rest with imagination.
- Say these sentences created by Dr. Joseph Murphy:
''I am now attracting a man into my experience who is honest, sincere, loyal, faithful, peaceful, happy, and prosperous. These qualities, which I admire, are sinking down into my subconscious mind now. As I dwell upon these characteristics, they become a part of me and are embodied subconsciously. I know there is an resistible law of attraction and that I attract to me a man according to my subconscious belief. I attract that which I feel to be true in my subconscious mind. I know I can contribute to his peace and happiness. He loves my ideals, and I love his ideals. He does not want to make me over; neither do I want to make him over. There is mutual love, freedom and respect.''
- Say to yourself that you will open your eyes when you say 1.
- Count 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 then open your eyes.
You have to repeat it several times at least for a month. The better time to practice it is while going to sleep.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational purpose. I am not responsible for any harm in case it caused. I suggest you to learn in detail about hypnosis before you practice it.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Most Powerful Vashikaran Mantra

So you want to learn Vashikaran Mantra. Because you want to control your husband.  Right? May be you are a bachelor boy and want to attract a girl. You also may be a girl and keen to control a boy. Congratulations! You have arrived in the right place. I will teach you all about it at free except your time and attention.

First of all bear it in your mind that you must get Siddhi {Mastery} to make any Tantra Mantra work for you. Don't worry. It is not so difficult. The password to its success is just to spell the Mantra correctly with complete Bidhi {procedure} having sole dedication and faith towards the deity of  Mantra.

Copy the Mantra given below and memorize it exactly word by word:
ओम: वशिकरण मन्त्र झुटो हो स्वाहा !! यसले पैसा, समय र स्वास्थ्यको नाश गर्छ फट फट फट, फू मन्तर कि वाचा स्वाहा !!
If you want to understand the sense of this Mantra in English. It reads like this:
Vashikaran Mantra is a Fake. It is waste of time, wealth and health.

Now you know this powerful Mantra. So it's time to practice it. You have to collect some objects to practice this Mantra. I highly recommend you to write down the list of objects so that no object is missed. The list goes like this:
i} Horn of a black cat.
ii} Tail of a girl.
iii} bone of a snake
iv} a glass of pure black milk
v} Rock of the moon
For rock of moon, I highly recommend you to contact NASA. Alternatively you can go to the moon yourself riding on a new bicycle.

After learning Mantra and collecting objects, you are ready to perform your miracle. Now this is the time to select right place and time. No idea? Let me tell you about the right place and time. The best place is between earth and moon. Similarly, the best time is after you sleep and before you get up.

The last step is spelling the Mantra and throwing these 5 objects in 5 different directions in the name of your target {with whom you want to use this Mantra}. Do it correctly. No success? Oh! I am sorry. I told you in the beginning you should get Siddhi to succeed it. If you are having trouble to get Siddhi and need a help, sell your whole property and draft money in my bank account. I will surely help you.
{Liked this article? Read another article Amazing Power of Indrajal Mantra}
Discovered by +Don Prince

What Happened to the Buddha Boy?

Who is Buddha Boy?
This article is the second part of my previous article 'Is Ram Bahadur Bomjon Reincarnation of Lord Buddha?' which became remarkably popular across the internet. One of the live characters of the real story of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, namely Marici Zsuzsanna Takacs of Slovakia interacted me through this blog and wished to read another piece on this topic. The article is also proudly getting organic readers sent by Google for the latest search on Ram Bahadur Bomjon. Above all, I am morally obliged to write another article on the Buddha Boy. Let's begin the short and sweet journey.

Credit: Online Khabar

Surprising News: Ram Bahadur Bomjon's Biography in Course book
Shubharambha Publication, Kathmandu has included the biography of Ram Bahadur Bomjon in its 'Spark English Reader' the course book designed for the students of Grade V of private schools in Nepal. According to Himalkhabar Magazine, the chapter with the title 'Ram Bahadur Bomjon' has covered many informations about Ram Bahadur Bomjon. See some examples:
- Ram Bahadur Bomjon is the reincarnation of Lord Buddha.
- He has meditated without food and water for several months.
- He had been fed by two Nags {holy snakes} during his meditation.
- He had visited many places like Lumbini, Pokhara and Deharadun before he started Meditation.

What Do Buddhists Think about Buddha Boy?
''Do you know the Buddha boy of Nepal?'' I asked this question to Mr. Sugra Lama, a 40 years old famous, dedicated Buddhist of Nepal. ''Yes.'' He replied. ''Do you think he is the incarnation of Lord Buddha?'' ''He does not say he is Buddha.'' ''OK, do you say like that?' ''Gautama Buddha says everyone can be Buddha.'' Mr. Lama replied.

The Mysterious Event
According to a website of Nijgadh, Ram Bahadur Bomjon's brothers Ganagajeet, Shyam and Babu along with sister Manamaya have already gone to Malaysia for employment. The sudden movement of this family has made a mysterious question for all. The family has enough land for agriculture in the village. However they have gone foreign country for employment.

Where is Ram Bahadur Bomjon Now?
According to the Himalkhabar Magazine of Nepal, he had left Halkhoria forest one year ago. He had gone to Kamalamai municipality of Sindhuli. But he decided to return Halkhoria. Before he returned, Nepal police destroyed his two houses made in jungle. Now he is living at Pattharghat-1, of Sarlahi district in Nepal. 
Discovered by +Don Prince

How to Use Hypnosis to Attract an Ideal Wife?

Hypnosis is the scientifically verified method to send suggestions into the subconscious mind to solve many problems like sickness, fear, addiction, etc. It is also a type of fun when it is used for family, friends, party and even stage show. When a person is hypnotized {or self-hypnotized}, he is in the condition of neither sleep nor awake. In this way, his conscious mind is altered due to deep trance made by hypnosis and the suggestions can be easily sent into the subconscious mind. Finally, the subconscious mind works accordingly.

As I mentioned earlier, hypnosis can make several miracles in our life. In this article, I will teach you how to use hypnosis to attract your wife so that you find your every wishes in your wife and both of you have a very successful married life. Let's begin your journey.
- Isolate yourself in a lonely place where you are not disturbed by anyone.
- Sit comfortably somewhere you feel better.
- Close your eyes.
- Make all parts of your body take relax one by one.
-  Speak slowly the following scripts created by Dr. Joseph Murphy:

''I now attract the right woman who is in complete accord with me. This is a spiritual union because it is divine love functioning through the personality of someone with whom I blend perfectly. I know I can give to this woman love, light, peace, and joy. I feel and believe I can make this woman's life full complete, and wonderful. I now decree that she possesses the following qualities and attributes: she is spiritual, loyal faithful, and true. She is harmonious, peaceful, and happy. We are irresistibly attracted to each other. Only that which belongs to love, truth and beauty can enter my experience. I accept my ideal companion now.''

- Speak that you will come out of the trance when you reach 1 starting from 3.
- Speak 3, 2, 1 and then open your eyes.
Practice this activity everyday at a same time till you get your goal.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any sort of harm caused by the tactic made through this article. I suggest that before going through practice of hypnosis, you learn in detail. You had better go to the professional hypnotherapy hospital near your area and learn it practically. This article is only for education not for practice.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why is Chhetri Caste not Criticized?

The society of Nepal remained undemocratic, uneducated and exploited for years in the past. This is the reason, the people in Nepal are extremely superstitious and conservative. There are numerous blind faiths in Nepal. One of them is casteism.

Although the cities of Nepal have reformed tremendously regarding untouchability, some people are still restricted on some special institution like marriage. Inter cast marriage is still not a free tradition. In the other hand people have some certain beliefs regarding the cast. Almost all castes are negatively criticized with some particular blames, cracks and faults. For example people tell Newars as the people of caste who are never friends. Damai who are dirty, Brahmin who are miser, Kami who are cheap {people say like that} and so on. But they never have a bad saying about Chhetries, why? Have you ever thought over this question?

The reason is that Chhetries had ruled Nepal in the past. So people did not dare to criticize them. In the other hand, the rulers made other think and write good stories about them. So people are traditionally positive towards them.

Though I belong to Chhetries Community, I am not here to appreciate my own caste and criticize others. Neither do I promote casteism anywhere. This article is only for reference. And I myself is against inhumane custom like untouchability.
Discovered by +Don Prince

A Psychological Magic

How to wake up exactly at a time? If you ask this question to anyone, he will directly answer, '' You can wake up at anytime you like by setting alarm.'' But I am not talking about alarm. I am talking about Psychology. What if you can wake up without alarm? And there is sometimes situation where you have neither alarm nor anyone to wake you up. This simple psychological magic helps you at that time.

The magic is very funny but effective too. Suppose that you need to wake up at 4 a.m., then do any one of the following things:
- Tell someone before sleeping that tomorrow you will wake up at 4 a.m.
- After going to bed, speak with yourself that you will wake up at 4 O'clock in the next morning.
- While on bed, imagine that you are waking up at 4 O'clock.

If you failed, try it for the next time. Your repeated practice will make you perfect for having control over your sleep.

How does it work?
When you apply any of those techniques, your subconscious mind will accept it and it will do rest of the work for you. But remember that you should have full confidence that you are going to wake up at 4 O'clock.
Discovered by +Don Prince

About World War

World History faced two world wars namely the first world war and the second world war. Sometimes the history of some wars are buried inside the archives of the history of the world. This is surely not a good trend.

I am going to talk about the War of Mahabharata fought in India which took place about 5000 years ago. Wasn't it a world war? For the refreshment of the knowledge let me remind you that it was the war between two blocks, i.e., The Kaurav and The Pandav. Most of the powerful states had joined this war, so why don't we accept it as a world war? For the kind information, even our country Nepal fought in this war taking the side of Pandav.

Remember the statements of Elbert Einstein. Once he was asked by a journalist, '' What type of weapon will be used if there is third world war in future?'' He replied, '' I don't know about the third world war. But if there is fourth world war, the stone weapon will be used in the war.'' Now let's assume the Mahabharata war as a first world war. We have to say the coming world war as a fourth war. Am I right? I know it's just a coincidence which has nothing to do with this concern and Einstein had different thing to say. However, I think it is related to our future world war.
Discovered by +Don Prince