You wonder I made such a funny topic for this article. By the way I noticed Google sending some people into this site who are coming with such ridiculous search keyword. But I don't think it is funny. I think it is the problem of some people staying somewhere in this world. As the problem is somewhat related to psychology, I am giving solution of this problem with psychological point of views.

There are many ways to control people who are anyone like your son, daughter, brother, father, mother, friend, boss, employee and so on. There are really many ideas in psychology. If I float all of those ideas here, you may feel overwhelmed. So I am selecting one of the ways which you can learn in the matter of minutes. Now lets not make this article sick with unnecessary background. Simply follow the instruction given below:
Download Subliminal Message Software with the help of Google Search and install the message in the commuter, mobile or lap top of your target. The message should be enough to motivate. In this way whenever your target will open those electronic devices, the hidden subliminal message will enter into his sub conscious mind. After some days you may find your target being controlled by you.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational purpose. I am not responsible for any harm caused by the tactic given. I also recommend you to read my previous article How to Control People with Your Mind? for further information.
Discovered by +Don Prince