Meaning of Love in Dream

What is the meaning of love with an unknown girl in dream? The question seems very common. But its answer is quite outstanding. The reason is that our dream has different meanings for different persons depending on their personal lives and feelings. A cat in dream can represent different meaning for two persons who loves and hates a cat. So, if any sites in the internet claims to have complete interpretation of dreams than I really salute it.

If you see a girl or a boy loving you in your recurring dream, it has different meanings. Consider the following things to interpret your dream:
- There is someone in your life whom you don't know.
- You are feeling lonely.
- You are frustrated with the life, however, you hope for your future.
- You are in such a condition where every one is against you.
- You are betrayed many times in life.

I think dream is still a mysterious chapter in Psychology. Do you have any idea regarding this topic? Feel free to share your problem or experience on dream through comments.
Discovered by +Don Prince

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  1. Here a quote I took from

    "To dream of being in love or feeling love represents a situation in your life that feels good all the time. You may be experiencing new found success or financial security.

    To dream of being in love with someone you aren't involved with in real life symbolizes your strong attachment and acceptance of a quality in yourself that you see in that person. It may also reflect strong attachment or comfort with a situation that is occurring. "