All the communication devices are going to be worthless. The market of mobiles will go down tremendously. There will be no one to set up phones at home and in offices. Because the people will start communicate with each other through their god gifted mind. Yes, the new technology will give the communication technology a new turn.

These are not my personal opinions. Neither am I researching on it. These are the claims made by the scientists of today. They tell that the world will have such wonderful technology after some years. Even the Discovery Channel has already covered a documentary on it.

I don't know what those American scientists are doing to materialize their dreams. After all, I claim that there is only one way to communicate through mind, and it is not other than the research on Telepathy. The study of Telepathy  can surely hit the target. It is my belief. The reason is that Telepathy is directly related to our mind with others. Let's see what happens in future.
Discovered by +Don Prince